Welcome to our newest blogger, John Stanton

It is my great pleasure to announce that John Stanton has joined Zero Anthropology, as our newest blogger. As readers of this blog already know, we have previously published all of John’s reports on the U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System, with more to come, and another just published on this site today. He is a prolific writer whose reports on HTS have had a serious impact on the debates concerning HTS, with access to numerous sources inside the program itself. His articles have been perhaps the most influential in shaping the public debate around HTS, at least insofar as it unfolded online. John now joins M. Jamil Hanifi, Afghan anthropologist, and myself.

(Speaking of Jamil, look for more of his research to be presented on this site, once it has been formatted for the Web.)

Once again, welcome John!

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    1. Maximilian Forte

      I am going to do a little trick Bob, which is to duplicate your comment above and place it there, and reopen the thread. The closure seemed to have been more motivated by the ceaseless polemic with Pelton, and the usual manner in which these things degenerate.

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