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Starting next month, I will be joining Al Jazeera as the author of a series of monthly columns, beginning with articles on issues raised here, dealing with soft power, social media, digital activism, and almost certainly something about the Minerva Research Initiative and the Human Terrain System. I am very thankful to Al Jazeera’s editors for their interest in my writings. I should also note that the articles will only be available in Arabic, and exclusive to Al Jazeera. For those of you who can follow, I will post links to the articles here, and on my Twitter page.

Next: to complete the series of research articles that I began on HTS on this site starting earlier this year, and then resume the interrupted Zero series.

13 thoughts on “Coming soon on Al

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  2. Sara

    Congratulations. If you are interested, I hope you can shed a light on the possible power of the interference by non-Egyptians parties on the current tension on the political debates regarding the democratic reform in Egypt. I am not sure if you are following it. But, it is very related in my view to the discourse of the role of social media and the Iranian revolution. I watched your interview on Al-Jazeera and it is enlightening. Best of luck.

    1. Maximilian Forte

      Thanks very much Sara, that is in fact very interesting. I was thinking of writing something about Egyptian activists and their use of social media, especially as by some series of coincidences I have ended up corresponding with several of them, a number of whom have “made the news” both in Egypt and abroad. In terms of the next elections I have been following, but not as closely as I should be. I hope to change that. Please feel free to post any further suggestions.

  3. jg

    Hurrah and Congrats, Max! You’ve been doing great work here and elsewhere, and I am delighted to see that coalesce–in this case–into a position with increased profile and impact.

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