Human Experimentation for CIA Torture: Physicians for Human Rights Videos, Petition, Write to Obama

In connection with our last report, “Physicians for Human Rights to File Federal Complaint: On CIA-led Human Experimentation and Research to Design Torture Techniques Used against Detainees,” please consider signing a petition effort mounted by Physicians for Human Rights, “Office of Human Research Protections Complaint: Join Us in Demanding an Investigation into Evidence of Illegal CIA Experimentation on Detainees“–this is open to everyone, worldwide.

In addition, please consider signing and sending a letter to President Obama, “President Obama Must Order Investigation of Alleged Human Subject Research and Experimentation.”

Physicians for Human Rights has been trying to raise awareness of their newest findings concerning human experimentation in connection with CIA torture of detainees. Here are the latest three videos of appearances by PHR report authors this week:

Experiments in Torture – Illegal Human Experimentation – June 8, 2010

Dr. Allen Keller Reveals Details of Groundbreaking PHR Report at “Blueprint for Accountability”

Torture therapy: Doctors want CIA explanation over harsh terror suspect interrogation – June 10, 2010

Many papers, reports, and other materials of critical relevance to this discussion are to be found listed on the site of the NORTH AMERICAN FREEDOM FOUNDATION (NAFF).

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2 thoughts on “Human Experimentation for CIA Torture: Physicians for Human Rights Videos, Petition, Write to Obama

  1. Sharon P.

    This human torture and experimentation does not only occur to prisoners. This is an everyday occurance, for myself and I am sure many other US citizens. I would gladly give you the details but someone must stop these government sanctioned groups. I hope someone contacts me by email.

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