Suppressed Realities in the American Media: The Uncensored Acts of War

I strongly recommend this documentary, shown below, dealing with the media and American warfare from the 1991 Gulf War onwards, the utter brutality, and the ways you have been prevented from even remotely witnessing the truth. It is extremely pertinent to what has endured in terms of embedded “journalism” in war zones, the military control of the media, the way the media have surrendered themselves to merely echoing the preferred versions of the truth offered by their military appointed interpreters, and to see each instance of the media sucking up to power, of which there have been so many, not as isolated episodes but as parts of a continuous whole. You will hear directly from NBC journalists, about footage never shown, stories never aired, and careers deliberately terminated by executive management, to prevent you from seeing what you see here. It is also why, with all of my several qualms and concerns, I praise Wikileaks for its continued devotion to subverting the institutionalized falsification of reality that has become a constant in our so-called Western liberal democracies, which more and more resemble insidiously innovative neo-Soviet regimes. The only excuse for not watching these videos is that you have seen them already. Otherwise, you become part of the very system of truth suppression that is at focus here.

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Should any of these videos “expire,” as so often happens on YouTube, one can always check the same batch, re-uploaded recently, starting here.

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