Holy Mother of Israel

Pro-Israel Zionist ideology has severed the nerve for critical awareness among Americans. This masterfully produced ideology constantly and tactfully manipulates the state apparatus of the United States especially its military, political, and economic resources for the benefit of Israel. The Israeli lobby, through its presence in all strategic locations of the American political and civil society, has effectively installed in the mind and conscience of Americans the cultural software for a sanctified organic unity with Jewish Israel. America has become the “holy mother” of Israel. Ever since 1948 when this sacred mother-child relationship was seeded, the world has not seen one moment of peace. The child is convinced that its mother will shield it from every form of international sanction for its violations of basic human rights and all forms of criminal behavior against the Palestinians, others in the neighborhood, and even the United States itself. Every attempt by the international community to hold this child responsible for its criminal conduct is blocked by mommy USA. The United States has never voted for sanctions against acts of violent savagery by theocratic Israel in the United Nations. Criminal Israel is armored by the veto power of the United States in the UN. The criminal partnership has crippled the American polity and is about to cause its collapse.

Expert puppeteer Zionist Jews and their Christian partners constantly manipulate the American public through continuous artful puppet shows in the media and in the American political, religious, and educational discourse. These puppeteers have taken Erving Goffman’s “Impression Management” model to vicious industrial and postindustrial perfection. Islam, Arabs, Ahmadinejad, Iran, Afghanistan, and everything else that directly or indirectly, implicitly or explicitly, immediately or potentially threatens the interests of expansionist Israeli theocracy become automatically anti-American. Every effort is made to widen the gulf between the United States and the Muslim world. Pro-Israel Zionists calculate that the wider this gulf the closer Israel will be to its mother USA. Over the last fifty years a remarkable feature of the American mindset has become: Israel and its mother instantly become places to be hit at the mere mention of Islam, Arab, Palestine, Iran, Afghan and all else that can be projected as  anti-israeloamerica. “Death to America” is the flip side of “Death to Israel”.  The current fear producing master narrative of Islamophobia itched in the American psyche is: “Judeo-Christian America is about to be hit” by its real or imagined Muslim/Arab/Afghan/Iranian enemies. There isn’t a single location of power in the United States—from the White House, Federal Reserve, Congress, State and Defense Departments, the Supreme Court, academia, the banking system, the professions (law and medicine), the media, and Hollywood—that is not infested and controlled by pro-Israeli Jews and their Christian collaborators.

Critical (even casual) public discourse about “Jew”, “Jewish”, “Jewishness”, and Jewish Israel is a taboo tantamount to “thou shalt not take the name of the Lord (Jew) thy God (Israel) in vain”. The mere mention of these labels in public evokes unease and thoughts of anti-Semitism. Once in my early years in the United States during a public discussion about international relations an acquaintance whispered to me “Jews run this place”. When I asked him why he whispered, he said “I don’t want to be called an anti-Semite”. This effect is more intensive and pervasive today in the American public sphere.  On October 1, 2010 anchorman Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN for merely suggesting that Jews were not an oppressed minority in the United States and that they controlled the American media. The label anti-Semitic is automatically earned if one identifies or even hints in public at the Jewish identity of a Zionist Jew like Alan Dershowitz, Billy Krystal, Peter King, Joseph Lieberman, Frank Gaffny, Rahm Emanuel, Daniel Pipes, David Axelrod, or David Horowitz. Dershowitz has called President Jimmy Carter “anti-Israeli bigot” because of  his pro-Palestinian views.  The cultural and historical components of Jewish identity are tactfully manipulated to suppress critical public discourse about the pro-Israeli Zionist Jewish presence in the state machinery of the United States.

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“A number of factors played a part in cementing support for Zionism and later for the state of Israel of its two primary international sponsors: Great Britain and the United States.  As you know, each of them in its own era was the greatest power of its time.  In winning over the British and American political classes and their respective publics to the cause of Zionism and to the cause of Israel, a crucial role was played by scholarly and non-academic writings, and later by the cinema and other media. I think it’s insufficiently recognized that establishing the hegemony of Zionism in the field of ideas in an Anglo-American academic and public discourse was a vital precondition for its successes in the political and diplomatic arenas. The discursive victories of Zionism preceded its triumphs in the chancelleries of the world and on the battlefields, and the latter would never have occurred, in my opinion, but for the former. In other words, in addition to being successful as an idea, as a national movement, and as a colonial settler phenomenon, political Zionism has always been a resounding public relations triumph.