The Heroic People of Egypt

EGYPTIAN ARMY OFFICER TEARS UP A PORTRAIT OF HOSNI MUBARAKThe down fall of Hosni Mobarak, the “blessed amicable”, will have profound consequences for the corrupting American presence in the region. The expulsion of Hosni will mean one less major obstacle to peace and justice in the Middle East. Egypt under Mobarak and Saudi Arabia are the two most corrupt pro-fascist, pro-Israeli regimes in the Muslim world. During the 1980s and 1990s they had a major role in the recruitment and training of the mujahidin terrorists. They and the United States destroyed Afghanistan. Their criminal collaboration with Zionist infested United States is the major obstacle to stability, justice for the Palestinians, and peace in the region. Allahu Akbar! The criminal quadrangle of Egypt under Mobarak, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States (EISU) is collapsing.

Glory to the heroic people of Egypt! Soon the people of Afghanistan, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen will earn this glory. May the face of the evil imperial quadrangle of EISU be forever smeared with dishonor and shame.