Libya and the Passive Repeaters: Deploying Depleted Information Warheads

A video that in many ways corresponds with what I argued in “America’s Iranian Twitter Revolution,” the video below in part shows how the use of social media to make falsified versions of Libyan reality can go viral–radioactive–(re)producing an intellectually toxic swarm of passive repeaters. Critical questions are like static, they interrupt the clarity of the message: dictator vs. revolutionaries, support the people, implement a no-fly zone right now. But this is so patronizing, it denies “agency”–just like the agency of the consumer who must decide and then boldly act on which colour iPod™ to buy. Have a look at The Guardian‘s “Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media: Military’s ‘sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda.” The video has many rough edges, but some of the critical questions and points about propaganda deserve some consideration. Also check “‘Post-Qaddafi Libya’: on the Globalist Road,” “Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?” “US-trained [and U.S.-based] economist, Libyan rebels’ new finance minister,” and “New Libyan rebel leader spent much of past 20 years in suburban Virginia.” This one’s for the at-home massive, spreading the news like the radio-passive.

6 thoughts on “Libya and the Passive Repeaters: Deploying Depleted Information Warheads

  1. John Allison

    This is the part that the USans will not be allowed to see on the mainstream media.

    I was getting swayed toward the viewpoint that had become almost homogeneous across the different voices in the media – “Kadaffi is a Bad Guy; he has done inhumane things to his own people”; even things that overshadow his development of education, medicine and a technologically higher standard of living. So, i had decided to abandon kadaffi’s revolution and submit to the NATO cure.

    Now, I am back to thinking this is what i thought it was from the get-go.

    This is the raw facts behind counterinsurgency theory – if we ain’t got no counterinsurgency in a country that is being run by Bad Guys (read Muslims or socialists), then we will create a counterinsurgency and declare them to be the legitimate government, and join them in “repelling” the insurgents, in this case the government of Libya which is referred to as the Gadaffi Regime.
    Yes, the Libyan government is now the insurgent force against the Transitional Council that some foreigners appointed, funded and equipped..

    Can humanity be extracted from this assembly line?

    Can communities of factory and office employees throw off the corporate managerial regime, reject DoD funds, and regrow genuine culture, minus the military virus, to restore humanity to the human resources? And, then what of the military?

    It has all gotten so … so … Sciencefictiony, this assignment you gave me, Max, of demilitarizing the USA.

    1. Maximilian Forte

      Sorry, but almost all comments are now ending up in the spam queue, and there is nothing I can do to stop it, except check the queue every now and again for legitimate comments. This might have something to do with WordPress having been under severe attacks for the past days/weeks, I don’t know.

  2. John Allison

    No doubt it is the Transitional Council – an arm of the Transnational Council – that is diverting comments. Comments need to be inspected for national security clearance.

  3. Jeremy

    Hi Max,

    In this connection, this is one of the creepiest website I’ve found thus far :

    “Heck yeah, Libyan revolution!” :

    With an inspiring subtitle, ” your reliable source to what’s happening in libya ” , with tons of ready-made posts waiting to be reposted, and with the most ancient posts, about a month ago, here:

    I thins it’s worth checking the “personal accounts” of “Nadia” and “Zehra”, linked to in the “FAQ” section of this website. Creepy.

    I’ve not explored all of it yet, but it seems here are some of the (almost) clones : , starting february 17th, here :

    and , starting february 16th, here :

    I guess it won’t be online for very much longer now.

  4. Maximilian Forte

    Thanks Jeremy. I might use this section for updates.

    Last night, Twitter (specifically #Libya #Feb17) was alive with all sorts of celebratory tweeting and retweeting of news that the insurgents had taken Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown and a stronghold of the regime. Here are some key examples, from some of the the most retweeted accounts:

    SultanAlQassemi: Al Jazeera Arabic reporter confirms that Sirte has fallen in rebels hands, says citizens celebrating. #Libya [note the media source]

    EndTyranny01: CONFIRMED CONFIRMED CONFIRMED Militray sources on the ground Sirte has fallen.A clean takeover.No resistance. #Libya #Sirte #Feb17 #Benghazi

    There are many more, and it turns out that the ultimate source of this was none other than a spokesman for the “Transitional National Council”–now recognized not just by France, but also by Qatar, Al Jazeera’s sponsor, as the legitimate government–and this was broadcast by Al Jazeera without any attempt at verification, without question.

    (By the way, interesting how Libya can get this new “legitimate” government, and the only people who voted for it are the governments of France and Qatar.)

    The other news media, were much slower, if they said anything at all about Sirte, or used minimalist language that suggested, this is hearsay, a claim made by one side, no confirmation.

    A couple of hours after the celebrations in Benghazi erupted–some interesting news broke: explosions in Sirte. Taken? No resistance? Unarmed? CONFIRMED?

    This morning: the actual reality. Sirte was not taken, at all. In fact, the closest the insurgents got to Sirte yesterday was 80km away from the city. They had not even tried to enter it, let alone take it. Reporters in Sirte do point to the presence of many armed civilian supporters of Gaddafi. The fight has yet to start…even though NATO planes bombed targets in the city, despite the fact that Gaddafi’s troops are posing no threat to the civilians there (remember, this is a bastion of support for the regime).

    The opposition, with the aid of Al Jazeera, manipulative tweeters, and uncritical retweeters (the passive repeaters), all worked to produce what resembles a PSYOPS operation: the government is giving up, Gaddafi’s forces are fleeing, the people are all on our side, we are getting closer, better off if you surrender, etc. That is for the domestic audience. For the international audience the message is: the NFZ is working, another success, chalk it up.

    And it was all a fabrication.

    This morning, some tweeted: “ok it was just one of those Internet rumours.” No, it was more than that. It was the work of the insurgents themselves and Al Jazeera.

    1. Maximilian Forte

      Interesting how the passive repeaters work right here: they don’t present a counter-argument, or contrary facts…they just vote down a post, perhaps voting on it for the extent to which it approximates or differs from their preferred political interpretation.

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