The U.S. War of Terror in Afghanistan

In the words of U. S. representative Michael Honda the U.S. war of terror in Afghanistan has become the longest and “everlasting war” in the history of the United States. The vulgar asymmetry and injustice of this so called “war” has prompted its pre-industrial victims in Afghanistan and the surrounding region and their global supporters to resist the Euro-American invasion and destruction of their country and the savage degradation and contamination of their cultural standards with everything they have including their bodies. Millions of unarmed Afghan children, men, and women have been slaughtered by U.S. soldiers, drones, and bombs during this savage war. The history of mankind has not witnessed carnage on this scale. The killing camps in Germany during World War II and the mass slaughter of the residents of Baghdad by Changiz Khan pale in comparison to what the freaked out and mindless U.S. warfare state is doing in Afghanistan. We have seen pictures of laughing (and probably drugged) U.S. soldiers collectively urinating on corpses of their Afghan victims. Those who preside over, serve in, and service such a criminal enterprise deserve the labels “war criminal” and coward. No wonder that hundreds of thousands of known U.S. soldiers who have trampled everything human in their way in Afghanistan are returning home with PTSD “Post Traumatic Syndrome”—unbearable loads of guilt and nightmares incurred by barbaric criminal behavior. But realistically, every American, with a modicum of human cultural software, who has participated in atrocities produced by their government in Afghanistan, is likely to have incurred some version of eternal PTSD.

Still photo from a video of U.S. troops urinating on the corpses of dead Afghans, as they laugh and joke. (Source:

U.S. troops proudly being photographed as they pose with dead and dismembered Afghan resistance fighters.

Bloodier and more violent and savage scales and scopes of what happened in the cinema in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012—militarized mass slaughter—have been imposed on the people of Afghanistan by U.S. soldiers every day since 2001. Doors to hundreds of thousands of Afghan homes have been kicked open and their occupants humiliated, beaten, or killed by U.S. soldiers dressed exactly like the perpetrator of the killings in Aurora, the neuroscience student, James Eagan Holmes. Most of these soldiers (“America’s Best”) are working or lower class illiterate high school dropouts; large numbers of them are convicted criminals serving their jail sentence humiliating and killing unarmed innocent Afghan civilians. These homegrown (or state-side) and battlefield-produced criminals should and will never qualify for the labels “hero” and “brave”. What these criminal U.S. soldiers do in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) does not, in any form or fashion, preserve and promote “freedom” and “liberty” in the U.S. (Note: the U.S. media and politicians have yet to call Holmes a terrorist and his behavior as an act of terror. Had his name been “Ahmad Alsalmani”, he would have immediately earned the label terrorist belonging to a terrorist network somewhere in Asia or Africa even if he was born and raised in California).

Kicking down doors in Afghanistan

The U.S. warfare state has become the world’s expert in the production and consumption of terrorism. In the U.S., violence dispensed through the muzzle of a gun is the weapon of first resort. The country is addicted to the killing of Others by violence. The violent killing of the local, distant, or remote Other has become an U.S. individual and institutional pastime. The defense industry has taken over the U.S. state apparatus. Weapons are the biggest export of the U.S. Together, the U.S. and Israel, produce 80% of weapons in the global market.

While in Afghanistan most U.S. soldiers live in arrangements that resemble what Americans call “camping out” for picnic. They are served three hot meals of popular U.S. junk food (of the soldier’s choice) with Coke and Pepsi delivered by helicopters. (The U.S.-produced failed state of Afghanistan has opened up thousand of business opportunities for U.S. capital [including the fast food industry] and laborers.) Drugs of choice, including alcohol, are available in or around these camps. The soldiers are waited upon by young women imported from the Philippines or Thailand. These picnic camps are equipped with hot water showers. Soldiers have unlimited access to computers and all that is available online including U.S. produced pornography, the biggest money maker on the internet. Cell phone communication with family and friends is available 24 hours a day. Video games and other games are provided by the DOD, their employer. These camps are co-educational. Sexual activity of every orientation is accessible. Women soldiers are frequently assaulted, harassed, and raped. The largest of these camps (Bagram, Kandahar, Shindand, Kunar) and the areas of Kabul where Westerners are concentrated (notably Shar-e now and Wazir Akbar Khan districts) are ringed by pornography shops, houses of imported prostitutes, drug houses, and other quarters of vice. Those familiar with the U.S. colonization of the Philippines could easily see that Bagram Air Base and its surroundings have become the replicas of Subic Bay Naval Base-Clark Air Base-Angeles City in Afghanistan. Before 2001 there were no known HIV carriers in Afghanistan. The rate of known HIV carriers in Afghanistan, especially in Kabul, has skyrocketed during the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.

The bloody humiliating terrorism imposed on the people of Afghanistan (and by extension on the Muslim world) by the U.S. military occupation has produced eternal reservoirs of contempt, disrespect, and hatred for all that can be labeled “American”. Because of this alone, and no matter what the U.S. government and military machine does in Afghanistan, the citizens of and those who support the USA—the United States of Atrocities—will never be safe. America is doomed for ever (for its ignorance, indifference, complacency, and blatant criminality) to “we are about to be hit”—what happened in Aurora is just around the corner. This mindset of eternal fear is a gift from all those martyred by the criminal U.S. war machine in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The victims of American bloody savagery know that their criminal oppressor is undergoing death pangs. The people of Afghanistan say: America, you are morally and materially bankrupt; for what you have done to Afghanistan and the Muslim world, you will never be safe again even if you spend every penny of your resources on the delusion of “Homeland Security”.

US Army “kill team” in Afghanistan posed for photos of murdered civilians. For more, please read:

The American bloody savagery in Afghanistan is reciprocated by resistance not insurgency. Resistance is an ideology; it is a system of fixed ideas with complimentary packages of feelings and conduct. You cannot see and target ideology. You cannot destroy it even if you kill everyone who subscribes and participates in it. It regenerates itself so long as what is being resisted is inside a society’s cultural borders. Insurgency, on the other hand, consists of overt tactics and strategies designed to capture and replace a specific location in the structure of state power. You can identify and target insurgency; you can destroy it by killing the insurgents. The U.S. military idea of “counterinsurgency” in Afghanistan is either a delusion rooted in the total ignorance of the Islamic culture of Afghanistan or it is a cleverly designed ploy to camouflage the real aims of its evil imperial objectives in the Middle East and South Asia. Embedded in this ploy are also various contortions and gimmicks designed to justify the U.S. military occupation as a support system for “democracy” in Afghanistan and the security of its illegitimate puppet government. The Islamic resistance movement in Afghanistan is not focused on Hamid Karzai or the government bureaucracy of Kabul. It sees itself engaged in an all out holy struggle to expel the defiling U.S. cultural, political, and military presence from sacred Afghanistan. In its present phase it does not seek state power; it seeks to defeat America and its partners-in-crime from Afghanistan.

The recent U.S. declaration of withdrawing its armed forces from Afghanistan by 2014 is a crudely designed strategy to silence the critics of the savage war in Afghanistan at home and abroad. In reality the United States and its NATO partners are proceeding with plans and operations for indefinite stay in the political rubble of Afghanistan. They have five major agendas: 1. to use Afghanistan as a human laboratory for testing new weapon systems for the current and future population-centered wars; 2. to keep a close eye on the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan; 3. to closely monitor the policies and behavior of China and Russia; 4. to maintain close proximity to the oil reserves of Central Asia; and 5. to closely monitor and undermine the Islamic Republic of Iran. (Shindand air base, about 40 miles south of Herat and east of the Iranian border, is the second largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan). Based on the current and past policies and operations of the U.S. colonial machinery, these agendas do not include the territorial integrity and the construction of a secure and safe civil and political society in Afghanistan. The U.S. colonial rage and blindness over the past thirty five years has destroyed Afghanistan. The country could never again be integrated. The local collaborators with this destructive neocolonial enterprise are paid warlords (e. g. Rashid Dostum, Matiullah, Ismael Khan, Rashid Popal), the “Northern Alliance” consortium, and the brown faced-white masked mostly U.S.-educated Persianized Kabuli elite (e. g. Hamid Karzai, Ashraf Ghani [aka “Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai”], Anwar al-Haq Ahadi, Hedayatullah Aminarsala, Sharif Fayez, Ali Ahmad Jalali, Ismael Burhan. Zalmay Khalilzad, Ishaq Nadiri, Amin Tarzi) as pimps and scouts for U.S. military operations against Pashtun communities in eastern and southern Afghanistan and in Pakistan.

The U.S. salting of the historical rift-wound between Pashtuns and non-Pashtun communities participating in the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan has severe bloody consequences. When and if Americans leave Afghanistan or even if the process of an earnest withdrawal starts, Afghanistan will experience one the bloodiest wars between Pashtuns and the non-Pahtun pimps and scouts for the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. The Pashtuns will slaughter everyone in sight throughout Kabul, Central and Northern Afghanistan. And paradoxically, when properly equipped with means of destruction such as grenades, rockets, tanks, etc., the predominantly non-Pashtun Afghan national police force that is currently being trained by the U.S. and its NATO partners will, at the first available opportunity, use these weapons against their Euro-American instructors and other foreigners who currently pay their hefty salaries. Thus, the U.S. colonial prospects in Afghanistan are quite dim and simple: America, wake up! Prepare to fully exit Afghanistan within the next six months. Before you leave, make sure a Muslim international force (subsidized by you) is in place to keep peace and security and to clean up the bloody mess you have created in pre-industrial Afghanistan. When the Muslim international force is in place, leave Afghanistan as quickly as you can. Don’t ever come back. For once, embrace your crimes against humanity. It will do you good! Stop terrorizing the people of Afghanistan and its neighbors!