Zero Anthropology Resumes Publishing

Today ZA resumes publishing, with articles by Eliza Jane Darling, M. Jamil Hanifi, and Max Forte. Our plan for the week includes essays and reports on race and security; the shootings in Colorado; the foreign occupation of Afghanistan; and, the securitization of the Canadian university, via government funding for “counter-terrorism” research.

Readers can also join us in Twitter and Facebook. In Twitter ordinarily these days one will find links and commentaries dealing with subjects such as militarization, AFRICOM, the national security state, the aftermath of the war in Libya, and foreign intervention in Syria. In Facebook these and other subjects, including the current production of anthropology, receive a little more detailed attention and commentary, with select reports reposted there by ZA and those following it.

Many thanks to all of our visitors over the past 15 months. We are glad that readers, and especially students, have found so many resources on this site to be useful, regardless of whether we were (in)active here.

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