The State of Palestine: A Media Patch

The pre-requisite for this essay is Occupation 101.

My purposes include providing that information on Palestine and Israel that is marginalized in the US media. This article is a media patch over the absence or distortion of facts due to the effectiveness of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in systematically controlling media presentations on Palestine that will be allowed to be viewed by US citizens. In that it resonates with Slouching Toward Sirte, which is an in-depth media patch for what really happened in Libya and is really happening in Africa at this moment; and with The Revolution will not be Televised; a BBC documentary media patch with the still censored account of the CIA-backed attempt to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela by kidnapping President Hugo Chavez, which, itself was also denied entrance into the USA media.

Composing this, I am in a struggle with the personal ethical, moral and emotional responsibility of knowing the truth of Israel as a political arm of USNATO and with this article’s potential effects on the personal relations that I have and have had with individual Jews throughout my lifetime. It is a difficult mine-field with Jewish friends and family as part of my audience. How can they not take it personally? How will they view it? I hope it moves them and all to Right Action.

Self-Interest: Which Side are You On?

I also find that I must balance my tendency toward romantic idealism against the “facts on the ground” of RealPolitik – the current buzzword of US-Israeli power politics in the UN: the overwhelming vote by the nations of the world to support Palestine as a state is responded to by Israel and the USA saying that world opinion will not change the facts (of occupation and repression) on the ground of Palestine. “Get Real!” “Know which side your bread is buttered on.” “America! Love it or Leave it!” “Might makes right!”

Empire has been doing this for several thousands of years. Relax and enjoy being on the winning side.

You need to adapt to that reality, John! Go out and buy something, or fill up your tank with gasoline and take a long drive up the coast. Enjoy what our soldiers are fighting for. Our Freedom. Our Democracy, the American (USan) Way of Life, dune buggies and all.

Sometimes, the arguments for fighting for Our Side can be convincing and emotionally disturbing, especially if there seems to be evidence of a threat to our lives, or to The USan ‘Way of Life’. I can see that there are other empires beside USNATO with their own goals as combatants in the global economic-financial struggle of nations and religions and social philosophies. I do sometimes ask myself if I am serving the good by “lowering our guard” against the Muslims, the Socialists, Cubans, the Chinese ….

But, when I look at who the “we” constitutes in the USA entering the calendar year of 2013 A.D., and I see, all around me, Muslims, Socialists, Chinese, Russians, Africans of many nations, Latin Americans and Caribeños of many nations, alongside Anglo-Saxons who are now just a birth-rate minority in the USA, as in most other nation states.

But, the above is only one way of creating and projecting the world, the nation-state-based capitalist Empire way, a.k.a. “The American Way”.

And then there are the self-interests – the agendas – of the core of “activist” groups. You don’t know if you are talking to a CIA Operative or a committed rights activist. It’s like a minefield, looking for allies in moving the world toward … toward …

So, I have to ask myself what I propose.  What would the world look like if I could have my way?

All local communities would be self-determining, sovereign, geographically and economically stabilized, defined by a local watershed where all vital resources are collectively owned and managed to allow the development of genuine culture – said by anthropologists to be the evolutionary specialization of humans that brought history to this point – working toward more self-reliance rooted in balanced use of the local resources and skills; less long-distance mercantilism – the Small is Beautiful approach.

But, to get there from here, the process would encounter  Might-Makes-Right RealPolitik in full force.

As you will read, ahead, the Aliya movement, and especially the Kibbutz movement had ideals somewhat like I express above, but the actualizing of these ideals was funded for a “higher purpose” by their sponsors and military supporters, with both The Red and The Black of Empire standing behind them.

Although many Israelis who think of themselves as Liberal Zionists feel badly about the plight of the Palestinians, they still feel that the Palestinians are inconveniently persisting and must be, somehow, disposed of.

I see Israel as a Free Enterprise attempt by one European sub-society, the Ashkenazi Jewish Europeans, to establish an autonomous ethnocratic society in a European-planned strategic colony in Arabia. To do this, Zionists are using in-your-face RealPolitik and using oppressed Jewish people as pawns in the Roman Empire’s game of Crusades to Jerusalem to find the Holy Grail.

Zionism can not produce the result that I described above. Perhaps such a society as I would advocate cannot be. Such a civil entity cannot be in a world of unbridled exploitive enterprise by those who control both finance and information, a society that is – like Israel, like the USA – fully militarized.

After soul-searching, after talking to my great grandmother Levine and great grandfather Tecumseh, though sometimes feeling outrage, I am approaching this issue as much as possible in a balanced manner – with the baggage of my 1964 personal experiences in a State of Palestine that had been militarily taken over by Europe only 16 years earlier, occupied by invading Europeans, many being communists of Jewish communities, some of Jewish religion.

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3 thoughts on “The State of Palestine: A Media Patch

  1. meqdadtaheri

    In my view, the resistance in Palestine is bound to culminate in events such as the ones brilliantly depicted in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine,” in which actual history and future predictions are cloaked in fiction.

  2. Maximilian Forte

    If I wanted a short answer from John, I would ask him where has not travelled in his life. This essay, at least for me, had great value in offering not just personal insight, memoir-style, from time actually spent in Israel (by the way, where have all the Israeli communists gone?), but also for the added historical notes on an area that I find difficult to understand or to sort out valid claims from wishful thinking sorts of representations of history. I found it especially useful coming just as another Israeli bombing campaign against Gaza happened, with multiple lethal Israeli violations of the “truce” since, and the UN vote on recognizing Palestine. The writing style as always is “distinctively John Allison”! Many thanks for this, John.

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