Amerika, Hu Akbar! A people of Mammon, or Love in a Land of Fear

Provocaine: “Love and Duty and Charity and Patriotism; That’s what makes America Great.” Barack Obama’s speech, second term election victory, 2012

You see! It all seems to need to be merged into One Human Society, with common language and rules of behavior called “law”, an easily managed Human Capital Unit (HUCU) grouping of occupational and professional skills to be called to serve in a “job” for which they have been validated by the Vetters. Given digital communication devices to provide basic emotional and hormonal stimulation and social transactional conditioning, the fully individuated human capital unit can continue to “learn” and acquire employable skills while sitting on the shelf of the digitized human resource market; ready to jump to a new geographical location on the globe without losing one digital txt msg. This, we shall call “global culture”!

The person writing this is one of the human capital units that somehow slipped off the production belt and became part of the fringe of the Empire that grades further and further (I have a confusement regarding farther and further; one of which was the name of Kesey’s bus) away from this scheme toward the targeted populations of Tribals; the free radicals of The Land of Genuine Culture, a meaning domain that is illegal to possess in Empire; although Latinos might be smuggling it into our communities.

Only recently did I recognize the importance of Empires – also known as Civilizations – and the processing of humans that is called the “civilizing” process in recorded human history. The Royal Argument runs, “Civilization is the apex of human social evolution, and will be the end to barbarity and tribalism of the Primitive Stage. It is the unifying of the Human Race, the ordained outcome of History. The work of Empire is to implement this Roadmap. Manifest Destiny will bring under Empire’s protection all remaining peoples who stand outside of or in opposition to this Godly objective.”

It seems to have been concluded by the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) of Empire during the recent centuries that the two-party system of politics and the free enterprise private capitalist financial/economic system are fundamental to being civilized and free peoples. It also seems that being fully “individuated” is one of the responsibilities of citizens who must do the work that Empire assigns, each individual having one right, “the right to a job.”                                                                     

Discovering the Stage Setting

In 2010, at age 72, I had an experience that Peter Weir artistically represents using Jim Carrey playing Truman in The Truman Show. When Truman, rowing a small rowboat, bangs into the sky while trying to escape the town where he had finally realized he was a captive all his life, he recognized that even the sky was part of the stage set.

A wise man once said to me, “Where there is fear, there can be no love.” In the founding of this country by its aristocratic executives, there was a fear of The People actually organizing themselves and gaining control of the government. Consequently, a clever system was devised to protect the government from the Common Man, and it was given the name “Democracy”, although that word was not used in the various declarations of these privileged men of power.

Democracy might have been the name of Truman’s home town.

Gore Vidal’s Inventing a Nation makes it very clear that The Founding Fathers were precisely those whose domination we had migrated to the Americas to escape. Not trusting the Rule of the People, they arranged a legal system, a financial economic system and an educational system incubating individuation, competition and patriotic expansionism which made local community self-determination and popular rule impossible while fostering an illusion that it was so.

This is The Mission

Social chaos must first be induced within local communities; a dismantling of social solidarity, local culture and indigenous social institutions. After drawing “boundaries” and renaming and taking the landscape features and major bodies and courses of water as exclusive heritage of Empire, the occupying forces supervised a moving of dispossessed individuals and families; mixing one local society with another; make “jobs” available in other locales requiring uprooting and mixing of different peoples, dissolution of local unity; requiring abandonment of a family’s or an individual’s own language and culture in order to “fit in” and make a living within the occupier’s economy, using such ruses as the Gold Rush, the Homestead Act, and other behavioral rewards or complementary punishments.

This is the first stage of the process of civilization as induced by Empire. Always experimenting with technique and technology, observing the cost/benefit ratio of armed drones with multi-sensory capacity, changing practices and observing effects over thousands of years across many cultures and societies; this is at the root of the Science of Empire; the basis for the game of chess.

Among those already “civilized”, either humans have to be trained (by someone or by some thing) and provided with language lessons, job, house, “education”, etc., or they must be allowed to re-assort themselves in space and form into groups and to spend several generations forming community that has a sense of commune as used in rural France, redeveloping genuine culture in a chosen or given place where they can build home and society within which trust and mutual interdependency can thrive and an appropriate language develop.

This latter option is strongly discouraged by Empire.

When the Klamath and Modoc peoples were confined to their “reservation”, individuals and families were assigned “allotments” of half a section of land. On the basis of their own cultural inclination, speaking a mutually intelligible Klamath-Modoc speech, the people began to work communally, combining allotments in developing cooperative fields and gardens. This was forcefully forbidden by the Indian Agent on the reservation and enforced by the US Army at FortKlamath, which had been taken out of the Klamath Reservation by the US Government. In other words, the occupier insisted that the Klamath practice the law and social-economic practices and learn to speak the language of the European-USans – today’s NATO, which was to local arm of Civilization, the Empire.

Digital Technology to the Rescue?

In recent decades, digital media have shown great promise for advancing and accelerating the process of civilizing the remaining populations of the earth that have not been brought “into the fold.” The computers have made a breakthrough and now Teilhard de Chardin’s Technosphere has ridden over the Noosphere. Now the individual human capital units can be much more efficiently separated from local communal solidarity and, at the same time, connected into a central “server” for monitoring thoughts, training, conditioning and informing.

In 2010 after my education in the Human Terrain Training Program at Fort Leavenworth after learning of the degree of control that the US and NATO Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) have over the governments and the peoples of those UN-certified “nation-states” – including over citizens of the USA. I had been shocked by its pervasive penetration of the global media, ranging from Fox News, BBC and Public Broadcasting, and MIC-subsidized popular books such as Three Cups of Tea, to emails, FaceBook and the hand-held devices used as “social media” by many social activists who are trying to counter this trend.

Julian Assange documents this military penetration of all communication media, both personal and public, in his recent appearance on Democracy Now, and in his new book, Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet.

The Empire’s Uniformed Militaristic Socialism Rules US Society

The military continuity of Rome in USNATO has now clothed itself in civilian clothes or has placed operatives in local police units and has infiltrated the ranks of civilian political society in a pre-emptive counterinsurgency strike operation.

One of the HTS cadets that I met at Fort Leavenworth during HTS training, a Green-Suiter, a colonel, I will call him Dave, he looks physically like David Petreus, and his real name might have been Dave, a very good soldier, a “do as I do” soldier, not a “do as I say, not as I do” soldier, Dave was Capitalism’s “New Man”, like Paul Ryan, in adapting the Nazi and Cuban idea of a more-or-less closed society that incubates, behaviorally, a new culture, a culture of cooperation, not competition.

That is where the rubber hits the road: Whether the behaviorist conditioning system is designed to individuate people into competitors for “stuff” within the capitalist free enterprise approach to human evolution, or if it is designed to reward community service, community spirit, local solidarity, cooperation, one-for-all and all for one. We have a version of the latter in the USA, the US Military and related agencies and contractors. This is the US’s one major socialized and segregated sub-society, with paid education, medical care, reduced prices on everything from food, clothes and shotguns to whisky and gasoline at the Post Exchange, tax-free; exemption from prosecution for crimes committed; linked across all national boundaries to their global Brothers in Arms (and Sisters in arms too, General Petreus has shown); in all the NATO-approved nations, but they are not accountable to civil laws unless some squealer “outs” them; like when I tried to get them to obey the National Environmental Policy Act at Fort Irwin; I was wrong! “Going outside the Sacred Chain; the Chain of Command”.

Very centralized and top-down. All the things we criticize socialist nations for, like Cuba, Venezuela, Gadaffi’s Libya; but, here is the same kind of society, managing our “democratic” government from the top down.

There is, beyond Empire’s competing versions of most useful ways to organize conquered peoples, there is the surviving versions of the indigenous, self-generated from their own landscape and self-determined societal and cultural realities. These correspond to “free radicals” in chemistry.

Really! What is this “Individuation”?

During the 1960s, considered a time of great social uprisings and activist movements, nobody ever questioned the popular notion that the goal of all education and of childhood training is something called “individuation”. This was epitomized by the leading behavioral psychologist of that time putting his own child into a Skinner’s Box.

Seatbelts, helmets, Daylight Savings Time, social security numbers, standardized education examinations, your value preferences geopositioned on an electronic mapping system hooked to your cell phone which expedites your individuation.

Export this system as Cultural Solvent in the Biafran Peninsula where tribal solidarity and “resource nationalism” is obstructing USNATO’s entitled access to Nigeria’s petroleum. Just declare the Biafra region of the nation of Nigeria to be a “failed state” though it is not a state, just a natural and cultural area and geographical watershed region – the rich Niger River Delta.

Then, after labeling the non-state of Biafra a “Failed State”, the USNATO just follows the counterinsurgency recipe for taking over governance of this desired resource area, and subjecting its people to the mix-up effect described above to begin “civilizing” them, and, like in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya; where we solved the problem which we had labeled “failed state”.

Care and Feeding of the Schmoo

Bonded by competitive spirit and greed for material or egoistic gain, sewn up inside the perfect society’s inner design; individuated human capital, consumers. The perfect Shmoo! The planet’s best designed Schmoo Farm! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

You can see, during the century from 1850-1950, the notion arising among European Fascists, Nazis, Zionists, Communists and Capitalists of the raising of children along the lines of industrial production lines, but with a twist of what became known as behavioral psychology as part of the “education and training”.

Bill O’reilly on Fox TV tells us that the masses – the “minorities” that Romney called the 47% – simply “want stuff; feel they are entitled; the president promised to get it for them”; which I saw as a clever line by Mitt. Romney also scored in more open campaign appearances with, “The President promised to slow the rise of the oceans. He also promised to heal the Planet.”

Romney, in his 47% reference, was privileged to be addressing the Privileged Rich, such as Sheldon Adelson and David Koch, who are Players, not simply pieces on the board of The Great Game of Empire.

The Elected; The Subjected

My research along the Lost Coast reveals that, on the northwest coast of North America, in a geologically isolated town, the sirens sound at least once an hour, telling of “emergencies”, we must be prepared for emergencies.

We must guard against the enemy, sponging off “The System”, Our System, the White People, and we shall Protect our system of Democracy. Yep; that’s what it all boils down to, I am sorry to report from here, on the LostCoast.

There is a deeper level, but not a high enough sample of those polled registered that consciousness.

This fact of the extremely low level of awareness, in itself, seems to vouch for the Darwinian dominance of this partycratic System, the double face of the single interest of the Presidential Debates Commission.

Vote for The International Bottled Water Association, for Anhauser-Busch, for several mega-legal firms’ offices; vote for “America” – The USans’ appropriation of the name of this stalled but game Emperor, the latest in the millennia train, this new upstart, so large but so isolated among the much larger masses of land and of peoples of The Americas.

In his victory speech for the 2012 elections, Obama said, “Love and Duty and Charity and Patriotism, that’s what makes America Great!”

Of course, he did not intend to include Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, or Trinidad and Tobago in “America”. He meant US.

My friend, Li, informs me that The Paris Vendetta, a thriller novel by Steve Berry, is a fictionalized excerpt from a memoir written by Louis Saint-Denis, who had served as Napoleon’s valet from 1806 to 1821. In Napoleon’s words as recorded by Saint-Denis:

“My goal was always to rid France of debt. Their desire was always to drive France deeper into the abyss. Never were loans meant to be employed to meet current expenditures, whether they be civil or military. One has only to consider what loans can lead to in order to realize their danger. I strove against them. Finance would never have possessed the power to embarrass the government since, if that had been the case, the bankers and not the leaders of government would have controlled. The hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency. Their sole object is gain.” (Li added the italics)

But … of course, Napoleon was serving the Financiers of this new kind of Roman Empire, just as is Obama, at a much advanced state of Civilization’s Final Solution to Diversity.

Empire and the Folk-Urban Continuum

The tribal, or “indigenous” local people are inducted into the Empire’s social system through its authority structure; whether a business corporation, a military or police institution, or by priests of the State’s recognized legitimate religion (s).

Of course, until recently, a “civilized” individual’s ties to a home community were not entirely severed, merely diluted with the new allegiance to the alien government entity. Now, as we all know, the digital communication and surveillance technology allows the individuation and separation to become almost complete, and the control of the individual citizen of a given state to become almost absolute.

After the Chain of Command is internalized, and all external ties and loyalties are severed or replaced by duty to the Empire, then we have a “civilized” person, a “citizen” of an Empire-designed “nation state”; unlinked from and taught to feel contempt or regret about his or her culture of origin; he or she, fully individuated and articulated within and dependent upon the global mercantile system, is no longer a “Tribal”.

Welcome to The Unit, Buddy!


A rural indigenous man, perhaps a Hazara, learning from professionals in Kabul the correct form for saluting authority in the style learned from the British and adopted as a national police and army standard practice. Photo John Allison, 1970.