6 Documentaries for the 2016 US Presidential Election

This is an idiosyncratic selection of what I consider to be some of the most important reports and documentaries released during the 2016 US presidential election campaign, with direct reference to some of the maximum stakes and vested interests behind the maintenance of the current “global (dis)order”. Collectively they address the groundwork of the globalist regime: the construction of the status quo of encrusted elitism of corporate and financial interests, their lobbies, and how the ruling oligarchies have rigged the political and economic system to their benefit. While the ruling elites and their dispensable, desperate followers among the middle class, shriek at the “coming disorder” portended by nationalist movements in Europe and the USA, I instead tend to side with Benedict Anderson who in 1992 wrote in an article in the New Left Review, titled “The New World Disorder”: “Behind the language of ‘fragmentation’ lies a Panglossian conservatism that likes to imagine that every status quo is nicely normal” (p. 5). The current neoliberal state of affairs is far from “orderly,” if stability is what people want to defend instead of justice. In that spirit, the final video in the list below (the seventh) is neither a report nor a documentary, but an extended campaign advertisement that speaks to the issues shown in the videos above it–it is the “closing argument”.

(1) Clinton Cash

(2) What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

(3) Exposing John Podesta

(4) Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

(5) Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

(6) Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was Personally Involved

(*) Donald Trump’s Closing Argument