Brendan Stone is a graduate student at York University in Toronto, and an activist in Hamilton, Ontario.

He became involved in anti-war activism after taking part in the movements that coalesced against NATO’s war on Yugoslavia in 1999, and the build-up to war in Iraq in 2003. Since that time, he has drawn inspiration from the Haitian people’s grassroots resistance to neo-liberal colonialism, and the popular politics emerging in South America.

Brendan was able to combine several of these interests, for example, as a Canada Haiti Action Network delegate to the World Social Forum in Caracas in 2006.

As war and austerity become the order of the day, Brendan has participated in and promoted movements of citizen resistance. Recognizing that these movements benefit from greater exposure, Brendan has interviewed commentators, activists, and academics about Palestine Solidarity, organized labour, other social justice movements, and, sometimes, the confluence of these activities. He has done so as co-host of the “Unusual Sources” radio program that emerged from some of these movements in Hamilton.

Sources of information and analysis outside of corporations and their governments grow in importance, especially in the increasingly cloistered ‘Western’ countries, and Brendan has also contributed to alternative publications such as Global Research and Race and History. He became aware of Zero Anthropology from its articles about the Iranian election in 2009, and has followed the site’s array of incisive and provocative essays, coverage, and articles ever since.

Brendan is involved in dissertation research, and will be on hiatus for much of 2014, but will continue to take opportunities to contribute to Zero Anthropology.

These are the articles by Brendan that have been published thus far on this site:

  1. Colonial Feminism, Liberal “Progress,” and the Weakness of the Left
  2. Will the “Knowledge Economy” Save Us?
  3. Regime Change: 10 Things You Need to Know about Ukraine