Donnchadh Mac an GhoillDonnchadh Mac an Ghoill was born in Mayo, in the West of Ireland, in 1964, and he has also lived in Berlin and London. He has a degree in Early and Modern Irish from Trinity College Dublin and a Higher Diploma in Psychoanalysis. He usually writes in Irish, and has written three plays in Irish, one of which won an award two years ago. With other families he established the Sóivéid James Connolly, which among other things runs Irish classes, bagpipe classes, a weekly comedy club, home brewing and a community garden, as well as the website . They have also set up the Pairtí Cummanach na Poblachta (Communist Party of the Irish Republic) referring to the all-Ireland Republic declared in 1916. One of the main reasons for establishing the party was to develop contacts with anti-imperialists around the world, and give Irish people the chance to be part of a Marxist and anti-imperialist organisation.

The following is a list of all articles that Donnchadh has published thus far on ZA:

    1. When Did Today Begin?
    2. Review: Learning From Iraq – A Final Report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
    3. The “Arab Spring” and the Seduction of the Western Left
    4. An Iraqi Farmer Mourns the Loss of the Al Galal River
    5. Book Review: Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya – Lessons For Africa In The Forging Of African Unity, by Horace Campbell
    6. Iraq Should Be In No Hurry to Reach 6 Million Barrels per Day Output
    7. The Chinese Reconstruction of Iraq?
    8. Book Review: The Tribal Imagination—Civilization and the Savage Mind, by Robin Fox
    9. An Interview with Iraqi Lawyer, Sadiq Al Timimi, on the Current Crisis in Iraq
    10. Scotland Needs a Cultural Revolution
    11. 25 Years without the Berlin Wall