John Stanton has provided commentary on national security issues and political analysis for CBS Evening News, ABC, CNN, and Investor’s Business Daily immediately following the insurgent attacks in New York City and Arlington, Virginia on 11 September 2001. Over the years he has provided national security and political commentary for The Washington Post’s Foreign Policy Magazine, The National (Abu Dhabi), The New Statesman (Ghana), Stars & Stripes, The Toronto Star, KCMO Radio Kansas City, America’s Talk Radio‐‐NYC, Radio 101‐‐Croatia, KPFA (Pacifica), NPR, Science Daily, WBAL (Baltimore), Academy Award Nominated James Longley (documentary film maker), Assafir (Lebanon), Russia Today, and other media outlets.

Here is John on Russia Today‘s The Alyona Show, in November of 2009:

All of his reports on the U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System have been published on this site since the summer of 2008, and at He formally joined as one of this site’s bloggers in April of 2010.

John is also the author of the recently published book, General David Petraeus’ Favorite Mushroom (2009).

John Stanton’s articles on the Human Terrain System:

  1. US Army Human Terrain System in Disarray: Millions of Dollars Wasted, Two Lives Sacrificed
  2. US Army’s Human Terrain System: From Super Concept to Absolute Farce
  3. US Army’s Human Terrain System: Madness, Mayhem and Troughs of Cash
  4. Cleaning Up US Army/TRADOC’s Human Terrain System (HTS): Terminate Current Management, Move HTS to Civil Affairs
  5. Law Breaking, Fraud Alleged at Imploding US Army Human Terrain Program
  6. Guantanamo Treatment for US Civilian Human Terrain Team Member
  7. Human Terrain System: Murder Charges, Espionage, Paranoia, General Sacked
  8. General Petraeus’ Favorite Mushroom: The US Army’s Human Terrain System
  9. US Army Promotes Waste, Fraud and Abuse in TRADOC Human Terrain Program
  10. Hamas IT Tops Human Terrain System IT in Internet Capability, Savvy
  11. US Army/TRADOC Embroiled in Another Controversy
  12. US Government Takeover of Human Terrain System: HTS Program Managers Spared, Laugh On Way to Bank
  13. The mystical realm of Human Terrain and COIN: Who is in charge?
  14. Death Threat Tarnishes US Army Human Terrain System–Mata La Vaca: Kill the Cow
  15. US Army 101st Airborne Investigative Report on Human Terrain System: Toxic at Headquarters and in Bagram
  16. Counterinsurgency for the Masses: Educating Americans for Campaigns of National Interest
  17. US Army’s Human Terrain System Like Swine Flu: Get Near it and You’re Infected
  18. Human Terrain System in the Kill-Pacify Chain: Key Element in Obama’s Hearts & Minds, Smart Power Campaign
  19. US Congress Requests Assessment of Army‘s Human Terrain System: Independent Assessment Due from SECDEF by March 2010
  20. Human Terrain System 2009-2010: US Congress Rewards Failure, Puts Personnel in Harm’s Way
  21. Human Terrain System Suffers Another Casualty
  22. The New Face of the Human Terrain System: Goin’ to Kansas City on 1 April 2010
  23. Iraqi Insurgents Capture Human Terrain Team Member: Issa T. Salomi
  24. New Details Emerge in Salomi Hostage Case: High Drama in HTS
  25. HTS Hostage Issa Salomi Lived Off Base: SOS From the Island of Misfit Toys
  26. Human Terrain System Under Investigation: HTS Link to JIEDDO & US Death Squads
  27. Human Terrain System Leadership: Worst Ever? “They Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass Except for the Money”
  28. Human Terrain System = Military Intelligence Program: US Army Clarifies HTS Role
  29. US Army Generals Not Informed HTS was Spy/Intel Program; Casualty Rate Excessive
  30. US Army Human Terrain System Oddities: Fired in the Field, Promoted at Headquarters
  31. US Army Human Terrain System Smoke & Mirrors: Whistleblower Framed? Abu Ghraib Lite?
  32. Human Terrain Teams Feared more than CIA: Cureton Blinded for Life, Laurie Adler Returns
  33. Gun Running, Drugs, and Flamenco: U.S. Army Human Terrain System Has it All
  34. Human Terrain System: Senior Managers to Paris, Security Clearance Troubles
  35. Human Terrain System Managers, Contractors Inflating Costs: HTS Referred to as Shit, Active Duty Soldiers Maligned
  36. Human Terrain System Program Manager Dismissed: Georgia Tech Wants Out
  37. Center for Naval Analysis to Run HTS Independent Investigation: McFate Says, “We All Have Red Blood”
  38. General Petraeus’ Magic Bag: Human Terrain System and Covert Ops
  39. Independent Assessment of Human Terrain System: Findings to Pentagon on 19 July 2010
  40. Pride and Prejudice in U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System
  41. News: IED Blast Strikes Human Terrain Team, Injuries Reported
  42. Montgomery McFate: Gone from the Human Terrain System
  43. Sources Sought to Run Human Terrain System: Insiders Glevum and McNeil Technologies in the Hunt
  44. Defense Contractors from Dante’s Circles of Hell: Sequel to Human Terrain System I?
  45. US Army Can’t Fix its Human Terrain System: How can it win multiple wars?
  46. Cyber Warlords Push Counterinsurgency, Social Science: Human Terrain System as a Cautionary Tale
  47. U.S. Army Human Terrain System News: Hamilton Deserves Credit, CG TRADOC in Trouble, Training Woes
  48. U.S. Army Starving its Civil Affairs Functions: Prefers New Age HTS, PRT’s
  49. U.S. Army Female Engagement Teams Expand: King Xerxes’ Queen Esther Cited
  50. Congressionally Mandated Report of the U.S. Army Human Terrain System: Center for Naval Analyses Investigation is Online

See the list, with notes extracted, here.

John Stanton’s other articles on this site:

  1. USA Undermines Democracy in Turkey: It’s Turkey Stupid, Not Israel
  2. America’s Defense Associations: Key Elements in US Security and War Machinery
  3. USA Fears Loss of Sri Lanka
  4. Bush’s Ugly America: Is It Obama’s?
  5. Second Decade of the New American Century: A Clockwork Orange Meets American Psycho
  6. WikiLeaks Disrupts U.S. Propaganda Machinery
  7. Egypt: Real Change Comes from the Street
  8. Egypt Protesters Will Spark Global Mass Movements: Internet and Globalization’s Positives

John no longer writes for ZA. Thank you John for your many excellent reports and essays.