Permission to Copy Denied to the “Open Anthropology Cooperative” (OAC) (1.1)

Given the arguably obscure location of the original statement, it seemed better to reserve a separate post for this so that there is less chance of missing it altogether. The following statement is now necessary given the following conditions: the continuing adversarial relationship between the Open Anthropology Cooperative (OAC) and the Open Anthropology Project (OAP)… Read More Permission to Copy Denied to the “Open Anthropology Cooperative” (OAC) (1.1)

Government retreats on copyright reform

A Canadian news story on a momentary stalling of the entrenchment of the copyright culture in Canada. The weight of this culture of permission, of closed access, is felt especially heavily in Canadian universities, where royalties are collected, presumably on the behalf of authors, while restricting the extent of access to any given author’s work.… Read More Government retreats on copyright reform

Cyberspace News, 1

From CBC News: Virtual furniture theft leads to real bust Thursday, November 15, 2007 Online currencies in 3D social networking sites are becoming more present, resulting in what is virtually a second economy, and with in-world thefts resulting in arrests as in this case: “Dutch police have arrested a 17-year-old for stealing virtual furniture from… Read More Cyberspace News, 1