Anthropology? Whatever

The following quotes are from Political Anthropology: An Introduction by Ted C. Lewellen (Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey, 1992. page 5). First, Lewellen begins by saying “Induction, cross-cultural comparison, culture, system, and evolution are not really defining qualities of anthropology so much as various aspects of the anthropological way of looking at the world. Although… Read More Anthropology? Whatever

Neocolonialism: It’s Post-Independence, Not Post-Colonial

Unintended Open Source Ethnography For as much serendipity as conventional, on the ground, ethnography is known to entail, the “approach” discussed here is barely an approach at all: it was unprovoked, unplanned, without coordination, being neither methodical nor systematic.  It became a collaboration, out of mutual interest, from distinct and separate positions, but there was… Read More Neocolonialism: It’s Post-Independence, Not Post-Colonial

George Marcus: “No New Ideas” (2.0) & the After-Life of Anthropology (1.1)

In a recent notification of new articles in Cultural Anthropology, I saw this particular item: Cultural Anthropology 23.1 (February 2008) IN CONVERSATION: George Marcus and Marcelo Pisarro, “The End(s) of Ethnography: Social/Cultural Anthropology’s Signature Form of Producing Knowledge in Transition” In an extended abstract of the piece that was circulated by email, the journal editors… Read More George Marcus: “No New Ideas” (2.0) & the After-Life of Anthropology (1.1)