Democratization vs. Liberalism in Canada

Many North Americans (leaving aside Mexico), would likely not know that the official acronym for “North Korea” is “DPRK,” and if they did then fewer still might realize what it stands for: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. An even smaller minority, we can assume, would take North Korea’ self-designation as “democratic” seriously. If anything,… Read More Democratization vs. Liberalism in Canada

Democracy in Cuba and at Home

Review essay, Part 1 (see Part 2) Cuba and its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion. By Arnold August. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing; London: Zed Books. 2013. ISBN 978-1-55266-404-9. 267 pages (not including Preface and Acknowledgments) Arnold August’s Cuba and its Neighbours is a richly documented and thus very detailed description and analysis of the history, theory, and… Read More Democracy in Cuba and at Home

Open Access: Statements from 2004

The following are two very similar statements that I am posting here for archival purposes, especially since I seem to continually misplace them in my own files and they are starting to vanish from the Internet. ********** Posted by the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (CSAA) SSHRC Transformation – Commentary and discussion pages Maximilian Forte,… Read More Open Access: Statements from 2004