Encircling Empire: Report #23—Obama’s Scramble for Africa

Special thanks for leads and commentary that were useful for this report goes to Crossed Crocodiles, a website devoted to Africa and U.S.-African relations. This report–the last Encircling Empire Report for 2013–is fairly long given that it provides detail on a relatively comprehensive pattern of recent events which, taken together, paint a portrait of what […]

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Obama is a War Criminal: Clare Daly Speaks for All of Us

The following is the video, and transcript, of the now famous statement by Irish parliament deputy (TD) Clare Daly of the United Left Alliance, delivered in the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013. Also see Clare Daly in Twitter and Facebook: Transcript: Deputy Clare Daly: It is important to take this opportunity to bring some […]

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Drones and the Production of Terror in Afghanistan

In his “Drone Strikes” (Anthropology News, March/April 2013) Daniel Varisco softly counsels the raging and confused American warfare machine about the futility of its bloody military operations in the lands of the Others in pursuit of its sadomasochistic “war on terror”.  I partially agree with Daniel Varisco; yes, the acts of terror committed by the […]

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