Economic Citizenship and Resource Nationalism

What is resource nationalism, and why is it important? One of Wikipedia’s shortest entries, “resource nationalism” nonetheless appears in 372 files published by WikiLeaks. Resource nationalism seems to be of especial concern to US diplomats and private interests particularly among corporations specializing in the extraction of minerals and petroleum. States which practice resource nationalism include… Read More Economic Citizenship and Resource Nationalism

“Head-Decay-Shun”: Literacy, tool of the dependent and displaced?

Given the particularities of the way Jamaican creole English is pronounced, the word education often sounds like head-decay-shun. I once heard a Guyanese professor claim that this pronunciation, in this case, was more than just coincidental: it was a critical rejection of the formal school system by some Rastafarians in Jamaica, given what they saw… Read More “Head-Decay-Shun”: Literacy, tool of the dependent and displaced?