The State of Palestine: A Media Patch

The pre-requisite for this essay is Occupation 101.

My purposes include providing that information on Palestine and Israel that is marginalized in the US media. This article is a media patch over the absence or distortion of facts due to the effectiveness of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in systematically controlling media presentations on Palestine that will be allowed to be viewed by US citizens. In that it resonates with Slouching Toward Sirte, which is an in-depth media patch for what really happened in Libya and is really happening in Africa at this moment; and with The Revolution will not be Televised; a BBC documentary media patch with the still censored account of the CIA-backed attempt to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela by kidnapping President Hugo Chavez, which, itself was also denied entrance into the USA media.

Composing this, I am in a struggle with the personal ethical, moral and emotional responsibility of knowing the truth of Israel as a political arm of USNATO and with this article’s potential effects on the personal relations that I have and have had with individual Jews throughout my lifetime. It is a difficult mine-field with Jewish friends and family as part of my audience. How can they not take it personally? How will they view it? I hope it moves them and all to Right Action.

Self-Interest: Which Side are You On?

I also find that I must balance my tendency toward romantic idealism against the “facts on the ground” of RealPolitik – the current buzzword of US-Israeli power politics in the UN: the overwhelming vote by the nations of the world to support Palestine as a state is responded to by Israel and the USA saying that world opinion will not change the facts (of occupation and repression) on the ground of Palestine. “Get Real!” “Know which side your bread is buttered on.” “America! Love it or Leave it!” “Might makes right!”

Empire has been doing this for several thousands of years. Relax and enjoy being on the winning side.

You need to adapt to that reality, John! Go out and buy something, or fill up your tank with gasoline and take a long drive up the coast. Enjoy what our soldiers are fighting for. Our Freedom. Our Democracy, the American (USan) Way of Life, dune buggies and all.

Sometimes, the arguments for fighting for Our Side can be convincing and emotionally disturbing, especially if there seems to be evidence of a threat to our lives, or to The USan ‘Way of Life’. I can see that there are other empires beside USNATO with their own goals as combatants in the global economic-financial struggle of nations and religions and social philosophies. I do sometimes ask myself if I am serving the good by “lowering our guard” against the Muslims, the Socialists, Cubans, the Chinese ….

But, when I look at who the “we” constitutes in the USA entering the calendar year of 2013 A.D., and I see, all around me, Muslims, Socialists, Chinese, Russians, Africans of many nations, Latin Americans and Caribeños of many nations, alongside Anglo-Saxons who are now just a birth-rate minority in the USA, as in most other nation states.

But, the above is only one way of creating and projecting the world, the nation-state-based capitalist Empire way, a.k.a. “The American Way”.

And then there are the self-interests – the agendas – of the core of “activist” groups. You don’t know if you are talking to a CIA Operative or a committed rights activist. It’s like a minefield, looking for allies in moving the world toward … toward …

So, I have to ask myself what I propose.  What would the world look like if I could have my way?

All local communities would be self-determining, sovereign, geographically and economically stabilized, defined by a local watershed where all vital resources are collectively owned and managed to allow the development of genuine culture – said by anthropologists to be the evolutionary specialization of humans that brought history to this point – working toward more self-reliance rooted in balanced use of the local resources and skills; less long-distance mercantilism – the Small is Beautiful approach.

But, to get there from here, the process would encounter  Might-Makes-Right RealPolitik in full force.

As you will read, ahead, the Aliya movement, and especially the Kibbutz movement had ideals somewhat like I express above, but the actualizing of these ideals was funded for a “higher purpose” by their sponsors and military supporters, with both The Red and The Black of Empire standing behind them.

Although many Israelis who think of themselves as Liberal Zionists feel badly about the plight of the Palestinians, they still feel that the Palestinians are inconveniently persisting and must be, somehow, disposed of.

I see Israel as a Free Enterprise attempt by one European sub-society, the Ashkenazi Jewish Europeans, to establish an autonomous ethnocratic society in a European-planned strategic colony in Arabia. To do this, Zionists are using in-your-face RealPolitik and using oppressed Jewish people as pawns in the Roman Empire’s game of Crusades to Jerusalem to find the Holy Grail.

Zionism can not produce the result that I described above. Perhaps such a society as I would advocate cannot be. Such a civil entity cannot be in a world of unbridled exploitive enterprise by those who control both finance and information, a society that is – like Israel, like the USA – fully militarized.

After soul-searching, after talking to my great grandmother Levine and great grandfather Tecumseh, though sometimes feeling outrage, I am approaching this issue as much as possible in a balanced manner – with the baggage of my 1964 personal experiences in a State of Palestine that had been militarily taken over by Europe only 16 years earlier, occupied by invading Europeans, many being communists of Jewish communities, some of Jewish religion.

Past Lives: How it Came to This State in 2012

Contemplation of the recent overwhelming expression of global support for the State of Palestine in the UN General Assembly caused me to go into a memoire:  a Journey to the East, Interrupted.

I was a hippy anthropology graduate student on his second year of hobo travels around Europe and headed east, my ritual initiation Journey to The East. I was travelling with a granddaughter of a well-known Philadelphia Rabbi. We had taken a student ship to Rotterdam, hitchhiked around southwest Germany and the northwest of France, worked some months in a UNESCO Youth Hostel in Paris, ridden a WWII Puch motorcycle to Valencia, España; taught English conversation at the USIS Center there, and, on New Years day 1964, after New Year’s Eve with monks’ Gregorian chanting in Barcelona’s Montserrat Monastery, we had boarded a Turkish freighter for Haifa, thinking to hitchhike onward from Israel through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, through the north of India into Nepal.

It was early January, 1964, I was 27 years old. I had been stopped in my Journey to the East by Israel’s closure of the Mandelbaum Gate, in Jerusalem, which gate in the center of the OldCity, led directly into what was Jordan at that time. That was before the 1967 Israeli expansion, before Israel took all that land of Jordan that is now used to corral all the Palestinians removed from the new nation of Israel, their former homeland in historic Palestine.

[The Israeli disposal of the historic Mandelbaum Gate tells the truth about how Israelis are redesigning history through treatment of archaeological sites and historic monuments in the territories these Europeans have expanded into; dispossessing Palestinians. There are many more important examples.]

So, we were stuck in Israeli Palestine. Not knowing what to do, we agreed to go with a group that we encountered in Haifa’s Israeli Immigration Office. They were new immigrants and were going for Ulpan training at several of the nearby kibbutzim. As certified participants, we would receive food, lodging, basic personal supplies, instructions in Hebrew half days and working for the Kibbutz half days in the orchards, the dairy, the plastic sandal factory or, as needed.

Kibbutz Dafna, Galil Hah Elioht.
[Yes, my own pop version of Roman Hebrew phonetics]

I was living at Kibbutz Dafna, way up north in the UpperGalilValley, the fertile farming country of the northernmost finger of Palestine, now the State of Israel, north of the “Sea of Galilee” that is fed by the River Dan that drains from the mountains between Lebanon and Syria.

At night, standing outside at Dafna, we could see the headlights of cars on the Damascus to Beirut highway.

Photo, Susan Shaffer, 1964: the 10Km race around Mt Tabor in the Upper Galilee Valley. Most of the competitors are male kibbutzniks, except for me, foreground. The Palestinian village in the background is a non-entity.

Photo, Susan Shaffer, 1964: the 10Km race around Mt Tabor in the Upper Galilee Valley. Most of the competitors are male kibbutzniks, except for me, foreground. The Palestinian village in the background is a non-entity.

Photo, Susan Shaffer, 1964: Sergio, center, an immigrant from Rumania and another ulpan student, sitting with me under olive trees outside Susan’s and my apartment. We had epic conversations in a mix of Hebrew, English, German and French, Kibbutz Dafna, 1964.

Photo, Susan Shaffer, 1964: Sergio, center, an immigrant from Rumania and another ulpan student, sitting with me under olive trees outside Susan’s and my apartment. We had epic conversations in a mix of Hebrew, English, German and French, Kibbutz Dafna, 1964.

Photo, John Allison: Part of the adult resident’s dining room and classroom complex at Kibbutz Dafna, 1964.

Photo, John Allison: Part of the adult resident’s dining room and classroom complex at Kibbutz Dafna, 1964.

Photo, John Allison: Kibbutz Dafna. European colonizers, of Jewish religion, celebrating at a wedding in Palestine, 1964; sixteen years after the conquest. My Rumanian friend Sergio is top, center.

Photo, John Allison: Kibbutz Dafna. European colonizers, of Jewish religion, celebrating at a wedding in Palestine, 1964; sixteen years after the conquest. My Rumanian friend Sergio is top, center.

Photo, John Allison: 1964 Reception for a wedding at Kibbutz Dafna, in the Upper Galil Valley. Each pillar divides another apartment of an individual or a couple. All the children lived in the children’s dormitory. Each of these “studio apartments” had a sink, small two-burner gas counter-stove of cast iron, a toilet with a shower, and a room slightly divided from the kitchen and bathrooms, with one or two beds. All adults ate meals served at the dining room, or mess hall; the children had their own cafeteria.

Photo, John Allison: 1964 Reception for a wedding at Kibbutz Dafna, in the Upper Galil Valley. Each pillar divides another apartment of an individual or a couple. All the children lived in the children’s dormitory. Each of these “studio apartments” had a sink, small two-burner gas counter-stove of cast iron, a toilet with a shower, and a room slightly divided from the kitchen and bathrooms, with one or two beds. All adults ate meals served at the dining room, or mess hall; the children had their own cafeteria.

I was sitting in the Ulpan classroom, ostensibly to learn Hebrew in the Israeli Government-designed and -funded program for all new immigrants. However, it was clear from the get-go that the companion purpose of Ulpan is Zionist ideological indoctrination.

The South African Dutch Aliya Rabbi was reacting with strong emotions to my criticism of the Aliya policy of Theodore Herzl and of the Zionist colonizing ideology in general. I had criticized them for their invasion and armed takeover of Palestine; leaving the 13% Jewish population of Palestinians who had been there throughout the “Diaspora” (See Endnote #1), but removing whole segments of the non-Jewish, indigenous Palestinians to areas beyond Israeli borders, which areas would later also be annexed, and the Palestinians removed again.

The Rabbi countered that the displacement and concentration of American Indians onto “Reservations” was the same thing. It was similar to the Trail of Tears march of Eastern Woodlands tribes, including my own grandmother, to “Indian Territory”, west of the Missouri River, in Kansas. And they were they uprooted again and moved to Oklahoma when the expanding European colonizers wanted Kansas.

True! The US extension of the Roman/European Empire – now known as NATO – had done this to the indigenous peoples of the Americas and of the Caribbean.

I was effectively silenced for the moment, being tabbed as an “American”, with which I identified not.

This is the counterpoint: The pre-empire culture and society. What does Empire do – in Palestine, in the Americas, in Afghanistan, Africa …, what does Empire do with the local communities, local unity, genuine culture? Does it matter?

Cultural Solvent is the dissolution. I dealt with this Empire’s Global Counterinsurgency strategy in my article on this strategy of severing local solidarity. It isn’t working in Nigeria. It isn’t working well in Palestine either.

Steep Learning Curve

The European colony of Israel had been given immediate recognition in 1948 by a United Nations dominated by the same nations that are today called NATO, just as in the predecessor League of Nations that issued the British Mandate for Palestine without Palestinian consultation or vote.

Unlike the still-unrecognized Palestine 65 years later, Israel became an immediately recognized nation after the European Jewish Brigades had physically conquered or exterminated the natives; other than the 13% Jewish indigenous population that was living in Palestine then as over the last 3000 years.

In addition to the USNATO-sanctionedState of Israel, that part of Jordan that was usurped by Israel in their 1967 aggression has become one of the two counterinsurgency concentration camps – “ghettos” or “shtetls” – for the refugee Palestinians whose lands had been taken.  The 2012 Palestine Authority – the Palestinians’ elected government – 64 years after the Europeans funded and assisted the theft of their homeland, was yet living in enforced poverty in the concentration camp that was only a part of the eastern half of Palestine that had been made the State of Jordan by the British Mandate for Palestine. The “West Bank” was then annexed to Israel who took it from Jordan in the 1967 War.

The West Bank and the East Jerusalem portion of the 1948-1967 Palestinian Territories is currently being usurped by Israeli “settlers”, taking what they want by force under the shield of the Israeli Defense Forces, for National Security reasons; the same reason the US gives for occupying Afghanistan, to protect their troops there.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? You invade another people’s land to protect your troops there?

The Gaza Strip is the other concentration camp for the remaining dispossessed Palestinians.

I should have connected the dots that outlines the depth and nature of Empire at that point, 1964; but, I didn’t have adequate context of information nor an adequate conceptual frame.

In 2010, It Became Clear

I came home to my Homeland of California in 2010 after my education in the Human Terrain Training Program at Fort Leavenworth – where Bradley Manning is now imprisoned – carrying the traumatic effect upon my worldview of learning of the degree of control that the US and NATO Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) have over the governments and the peoples of those UN-certified “nation-states” – including over citizens of the USA. I had been shocked by its pervasive penetration of the global media, ranging from Fox News, BBC and Public Broadcasting, and MIC-subsidized popular books such as Three Cups of Tea, to emails, FaceBook and the hand-held devices used as “social media” by many social activists who are trying to counter this trend.

Julian Assange documents this military penetration of all communication media, both personal and public, in his recent appearance on Democracy Now, and in his new book, “Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet”.

This is also the substrate for Maximilian Forte’s recent tour de force on how USans were and are totally hoodwinked on what really happened in Libya and that USNATO is now in full engagement with Africa.

This context that I had not previously had for understanding the larger picture of the Empire of which Israel is a colony, was now the perspective from which I could see my experiences during my year in Israel and the information I had subsequently acquired about the State of Palestine and the establishment of Europe’s Israel colony there.

It all fell into place.

The Roots

After an initial fifteen years of softening-up attacks by the British Army delivering the Mandate for Palestine – accompanied by brigades of Jewish European Aliya Boy Scouts trained for this purpose in Nazi Germany, and Poland and England, their benefactors and puppeteers in 1947 declared Palestine to be a Jewish-only State in Arabia, a predominanantly Muslim, Semitic region.

The colonizers declared Hebrew, English and Arabic the official languages – though spoken Hebrew had only very recently been re-invented for this colonization effort.

The invaders began by changing the names of towns and of landscape features, taking ownership of water sources and courses, of lakes and of access to the Mediterranean Sea and of historic structures, claiming archaeological ruins as their own. Israeli policy declared the Palestinian people to no longer constitute a state nor to be full, voting citizens of Israel, where many still live or to which many families wish to return.

The remainder of the Palestinians who are not in exile are confined in limbo, not really officially existing according to USNATO, confined to two large, overcrowded concentration camps, “ghettos”, “shtetls”; another aspect of the transplanted European segregated society.

Israel, which was in fact just now invented, is now standing the truth on its head, saying there is no such thing as Palestine or Palestinians.  There is only Israel, the Eternal Homeland of the Jews, whose boundaries are those controlled by King David – you know, the one who slay The Giant with a small stone in the sling he swung around his head and let fly – yes, 3000 years ago. And “King” David’s Regime controlled the many diverse communities in the area between Alexandria, Egypt and Bagdad Iraq. Controlled by force of weapons those interspersed communities of sovereign peoples, and taxed them, for 80 years, 3000 years ago!

This story of the Jewish Homeland was concocted by Theodore Herzl, his backers in the Jewish community of England and Germany in consultation with a coven of influential European politicians, Lords and financiers. Together these comprised a contemporary version of today’s Bilderberg Group. They laid it out in a position paper called the Balfour Declaration.

The goals of the Balfour Declaration were, beginning after World War I, incorporated into the Mandate for Palestine; which in fact was a death warrant for Palestine and a Mandate for the colony of Israel to be established in its place – with a carte blanche for their free-enterprise expansion toward Eretz Yisrael.

Not only was Palestine cut in half, but half of that remaining as Palestine – temporarily, in the minds of Zionists – across the Jordan River, between Syria and the 1947 boundaries of “Israel”, was declared to be the Emirate of Transjordan, and is today run by the same family of Arabs, but is now the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Emir is now the King.

Let me say this again: The Empire of King David, who had taken over Jerusalem 3000 years ago – as the European colony of Israel has now taken over Jerusalem – extended control over a culturally and linguistically very diverse expanse of communities between Alexandria and Bagdad, and taxed and harassed those various nations and cultural communities for EIGHTY YEARS, and that regime was in power in Palestine 3000 YEARS AGO!

That flash-in-the-pan empire of ancient history is what the Zionists call, “The homeland of the Jews”, or “Eretz Yisrael”, the land of Israel.

Not all Jews, nor all people named “David” are pleased by this use of a man of questionable integrity as representing the name, David. Here is a petition to stop the misuse of the name by Israel. He does not stand as a good role model. They take this position:

The King David in the book of Samuel is greedy and cruel, thoughtless of the pain he causes others.  David is punished for his actions, but appears to learn nothing from the punishment.  The lesson that Nathan attempts to teach David, to condemn evil actions in oneself that one would condemn in others, is a difficult lesson to learn.

We encourage the government of Israel to try.

Warning! Stand Back! This State is about to Expand! Or to Explode?

Obviously, the UN-recognized State of Israel is much smaller than its legend and needs Lebensraum, which it seeks by its cross-border “settlements” – mission creep: the Golan Heights here, East Jerusalem there, Development Unit E-1 on the West Bank now, Bagdad and Alexandria later; two steps of aggression, one step of retreat; all in Israel’s “strategic interest”. It is General Petreus’s Counterinsurgency strategy of “clear and hold”. The strategy is that of Theodore Herzl’s dream of regaining Little David’s empire.

Right now, it is focussed upon further fragmenting contiguous Palestinian populations around Jerusalem and the West Bank.

It was interesting to read a comment from Israel that the E-1 Block is “empty land”, not being used, except by Bedouins who live there in their traditional camps. This resonates with Henry Kissinger’s “Who gives a damn? There are only 90,000 people out there!”, speaking of the US moving the Micronesians in order to test nuclear weapons on their home atolls. It also fits comfortably with the settlement ethics of Europeans in North America, removing the Native Americans because they don’t really LIVE there, they just wander around.

Clearly, the goal is expansion. The RealPolitik approach puts aside all such emotional or moral concerns. If we win, it is the right action!

To Zionistas, “Israel” is the entire area discussed in the Balfour Declaration as the Jewish Homeland. And, if Zionists get their way, it is all coming back under control of the delusive descendents of King David. This is the same Little David who sent his top general off to get killed while King Davey spent nights with his general’s wife; RealPolitik!

Israel and Israeli Immigrants as Pawns in The Great Game

… well, the boundaryless, expanding State of Yisrael is sort of under Israeli government control, as long as we understand that those political leaders of Yisrael are only pawns in the Roman Empire; not different than Barack Obama. Pawns in the game or, in some cases rooks or knights, or even queens and kings; but these are NOT The Players.  To learn about The Players, see The Bilderberg Group.

If you look deeper into the Bilderberg Group, it seems to be the place where Nazism and Zionism merge; or from which they emerge with a stamp of approval from The Players.

The Promise

And, certainly the Jewish immigrants who responded to the ads promising, promising; the old ploy of empire to uproot already oppressed, landless people to go find a fortune … over there, in California where gold was “discovered”, or migrating from the Dust Bowl to where one can get rich picking sweet fruits; or in an army that was to gain both glory and booty. The patriots, the unemployed, the oppressed races, the orphaned, they see it in the many advertisements as opportunity for gold and land. All you have to do is “clear and hold”, and it’s yours; and our military will stand up for your rights to your private property.. For most, it proves illusory.

In Fact, Israel is Fun Island, Promised to Pinocchio by the Concessions’ Franchise Operatives. But, to get a ticket, you must have Jewish credentials. Once inside, everything was different than was promised. If you enjoy violent video games, or even paint ball courses, it might be for you.

What a clever way to stage New Crusades; using Jews instead of Christians; a sort of Trojan Horse, with the Roman Europeans hidden inside the Europeans who came dressed as Jews, the anti-Semites being confronted by the genuine Semites at the Gates of Damascus, on the Plains of Armageddon.

In late 2012, like in the 1967 “pre-emptive strike” against Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon simultaneously, events are being engineered to justify a “preemptive strike” by Israel into all the bordering states where it covets even more real estate expansion, and, they hope, with US cover, against Iran!

This is fitting right into the “cultural solvent” agenda of severing local solidarity and neutralizing the governments of all the European-established and -recognized nations of Arabia between the Nile River Delta (Alexandria) and the Tigris-Euphrates Valley (Bagdad), which was King David’s Empire for 80 years 3000 years ago.

That is the basis for the Zionist plan to take over all the land that they call Eretz Israel – Israel’s Land; their entitled lebensraum in NaziSpeak.

In fact, there never was a Palestine. It has even been removed from You Tube. Is there, or was there ever such a People as the Palestinians?

UPDATE: YouTube removed the original video, due to “Terms of Service” violations. One can imagine who complained and why! The video can also be watched or downloaded here.

The Call

Now, with that all in mind, I was considering attending and perhaps delivering a paper at a global conference on the Dead Sea, in Aqaba, Jordan, Israel’s least problematic neighbor in Arabia.

As the Seventh World Archaeological Congress (WAC 7), scheduled for The Dead Sea in Jordan, drew near, one could begin to feel the convergence of the harmonics of power politics and genuine culture in the region variously known as the Levant, as Palestine, as Greater Syria.

Responding to an Israeli archaeologist’s message on the WAC listserve that attempted to attract WAC members to participate in The Palestine Exploration Quarterly (PEQ) – an organ of the Israeli effort to monopolize the excavation and interpretation of the Palestinians’ landscape, to reconstruct the history and prehistory of Palestine to support Zionist ideology – I wrote on the listserve:

After looking at the PEQ website, it does seem to be an organ of Israel’s “exploration” of not only the legal “State of Israel”, (which is entirely within the former political state of Palestine, which the Quarterly’s own up-front description excludes from existence). Saying explicitly that there is no UN-recognized political state of Palestine, the journal clouds the truth of the existence of a Palestinian society for more than 3000 years, before the notion of “nation-state” was devised for the purposes of Empire. This appears to be the area of the purpose of this Quarterly.

I suggest that before any of WAC’s members participate in PEQ, that they watch this video on the construction of “history” in Israel, by the son of a leading, founding General in the Israeli military.

Best regards,

John Allison

There were some “strategic interest” replies from the Israeli archaeology establishment: For example this one, a posture taken straight from the strategy for state legitimacy from NATO’s Counterinsurgency Manual:

Politics have always been part of archaeology of every state or nation. It had been part of America’s cause to annihilate Native American mounds, part of Britain’s, the Ottomans’, the French and others cause to rob all of its dominions in the name of colonialism.

[Clearly he is reading from the same script as my Ulpan Rabbi.]

Now, the definition of a state contains several conditions:

1.       A state is a political organization with a centralized government that has supreme independent authority over a geographic area.

2.       It has a permanent population, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states.

3.       a state should be neither dependent on nor subject to any other power or state.

4.       The existence or disappearance of a state is a question of fact. … [ as in “facts on the ground”, or facts in the UN Security Council, where one vote, the US, can paralyze any act of justice]

5.       While according to the declaratory theory of state recognition a sovereign state can exist without being recognized by other sovereign states, unrecognized states will often find it hard to exercise full treaty-making powers and engage in diplomatic relations with other sovereign states.

Israel is a state, with proper credentials. [Omitting the fact that “Israel” was wholly created out of the state referred to in the Mandate for Palestine, and in the Balfour Declaration]  As yet, there is no “Palestine” other than the common academic name for the general region, depended on the period, as we [Here, the Tonto audience says, “What do you mean “we”, White Man?”] use the term “Canaan” for the region in the Early bronze Age – Late Iron Age.

To sum up – if we are going to turn this mailing list in to a political conference, Let’s. I have most of the answers already.


XXXXXXXXX, Tel Aviv university.  [sic!]

RealPolitik! “I have most of the answers already.” … To his own questions!

If Israel is demonstrated to be “not dependent on any other state”, I’ll eat my hat!

It’s all so coldly logical, but unlinked from verifiable reality; unrelated to morals and ethics.

He arrogates: “You don’t even really have to accept my assumptions, just look at the “facts on the ground” – territory effectively controlled by unchallenged military might!

You know, the Romney/Ryan Ayn Rand Rant:: Get Real!  Grow up, this is the Real World! Go Occupy! a desk! Survival of the Fittest! You are either the hunter or the hunted. Only the strong survive. Individuation is the goal of education. Break up worker cooperation. The one who dies with the most toys wins. WINS!

Hand me another beer!

Examples of US Realpolitik

The policy of Realpolitik was formally introduced to the Richard Nixon White House by Henry Kissinger, who, with regard to the Micronesians being displaced by the US nuclear weapons tests, is quoted as saying, “Who gives a damn! There’s only 90,000 people out there”.

So, I guess that someplace between ninety thousand and six million people “out there” being displaced or killed in gas chambers, depending on ethnicity or religion, one begins to ‘give a damn’ and call it a “holocaust”?. … Does RealPolitik ever give a damn for the emotional, for the moral and ethical concerns, for the cultural community concerns and the personal attachment concerns? Or is it always the most bang for the buck?

Who gives a damn?

In this perspective, due to “the facts on the ground”, Israel presents itself as the gateway for Palestine to become recognized as a State, by Israel, not by the United Nations’ majority. “A UN vote is no substitute for direct negotiations”.

This will only be acceptable to Israel if the Palestinians disarm and no longer resist their settlements within the Palestinian borders. 

This Israeli requirement – parroted by Hillary and Obama – for “direct negotiations” between the militarily supported Israel, and the militarily disarmed Palestine is quite different than the UN declaration of Israel as an independent, Jewish and UN-recognized state in 1947.

There were no direct negotiations required of Israel and Palestine at the 1947-48 taking of the lands of Palestine.

The Mandate for Palestine of 1920 was Empire’s Decree to create two states out of Palestine; but 65 years later, only one has been certified as a “recognized state”.

E. H. Carr (Edward Hallett Carr) was a liberal realist and later left-wing British historian and international relations theorist who argued for realistic international policies versus utopian ones. Carr described realism as the acceptance that what exists is right, and the belief that there is no reality or forces outside history such as God. He argued that in realism there is no moral dimension, and that what is successful is right, and what is unsuccessful is wrong.

Another example of validation of RealPolitik is the Special Powers Act. It was first created to control Catholics in Northern Ireland and then applied across Britain’s colonial empire. It is used today by Israel in the Occupied Territories and by India in Kashmir. It allows for arrests without warrants, indefinite detainments, torture, and routine extra-judicial killings.

Returning to the WAC Listserve: I replied to XXXXXX’s version of Israeli Realpolitik

There is little doubt in the mind of almost all WAC participants that archaeology has become a tool of colonial occupation’s rationalization. Certainly, in THIS, Israel has shown excellence. WAC differs from most large professional archeologist organizations because it has from early on stood for indigenous self-representation in the methods of study of their past – including archaeology, the writing of their history and in controlling their social and economic values in their native landscape.

Now THIS is purely academic; not an argument, just a matter of being fully informed, not just Isreali informed: WAC is big on getting the larger picture from the people who have a long traditional residence in their lands such as do the Palestinians.

This is the OTHER way that the picture can be viewed:

And, let us not forget the dynamics around the actual UN vote to create Israel out of Palestine, instead of out of Germany. Germany was the perpetrator of what is called the “holocaust”, and had been part of the Ashkenazi Homeland for thousands of years. Shouldn’t Germany provide the land for a Jewish State?.

Palestinians are Hard to Find

Maybe that is because they don’t exist, or maybe because they keep a low profile. I have personally known very few Palestinians. Here follows a comment that one Palestinian refugee wrote to me in response to Neer’s cold narrative, beginning with quotes from the Isreali XXXXXX’s message:

Israel is a state, with proper credentials. As yet, there is no “Palestine” other than the common academic name for the general region, depended on the period, as we use the term “Canaan” for the region in the Early bronze Age – Late Iron Age.”

i mean… then why don’t we all blow the whistle and say, hahaha guys there is no war, no conflict no PROBLEM! there is nothing such as Palestinians, we were only involved in a silly fable,

now back to archeology.


what they are doing now, is not only academic ethnic cleansing, this kind of denial Allows ethnic And cultural and archeological cleansing, since it deletes a whole entity.

“the conference will be held in a country (Jordan) with a Palestinian QUEEN from a nation with no land.

And, later, this same Palestinian woman wrote on the WAC listserve:


Though we might differ in our logical, scientific or social scientific approach, on one thing we agree. And that is, that when we use a method, it should be consistent.

Since we are dealing with the Middle East, where my family roots go back to probably a few thousand years back (dating to the so called first group in the Middle East who adopted Christianity but was already settled in the area. And no, i don’t see my identity as Christian but as Palestinian).

The thing with my roots is that my ancestors were not consistent with selecting their partners. So I would say that our ethnicities are not pure.

Now, since you brought a clear measure to this equity which is-geography, who was where
-history, who was in that geographical place longest.-and genetics- since you refer to the (3000 or so years ago) builders of that area as ethnically or genetically non locals, but Egyptians.

It would help if we staid with these measures. So, the indigenous people should be measured by these measures.

I had my DNA checked (a National Geographic project) and it connected to other people who shared my DNA. Some of them were shocked, for example I share a large part of my DNA with many Jewish people, who found this fact shocking. I must admit that I seem to share some DNA with some Celtic people too, who found it shocking too. Well, it seems being Palestinian and sharing common human DNA is shocking.

Any way, DNA tests are extremely simple and can be used in the area called Israel Palestine for the whole population, where each gets a ranking of how close they are to the pure local DNA, if you put a date, you can trace the DNA  of which every group / groups were at a certain time in a certain place. I am afraid that this kind of ranking is nor hygienic because it would exclude most of the Israeli Jews.

If we chose only the historical axis and geographical axis, the furthest we can go with a clearly distinctive group- The Jewish population would be following Abraham in Iraq, or the borders of Saudi Arabia.

The point is, that unless you have a completely inbred and rather incestuous group (communities constituted of very few individuals), and if you lived in a cave- you would not intermarry. The geopolitical spot between Asia, Europe and Africa, meant that the area was a passage way to many invaders, and visitors and new comers who became indigenous, leaving my grandfather and cousins with blue eyes. The Palestinian population on the shores of the land, carry the sexual policy of war too. If you can be indigenous after being away for 2000 years, and come back, how come the people who have staid in one place are not indigenous? The logic lags, I would agree with you, if you bring a new argument or cause and effect to this fact.

Whatever we choose, we have to be consistent with our logic, and take the results and outcomes.

I believe in the living, and their right for dignity and life, be they the majority of Jews with Caucasian roots, culture and genes, or the Palestinians who are still in their land, but denied land, culture, dignity and now…even identity.

Umayya Abu-Hanna

And this resonates with a Klamath Tribe’s leader who described the Klamaths as “a people of the land who have become a landless people”; and, another who described how, after the creation of their “Reservation”, still, the European invaders came onto their lands and made “preemptive claims” to “homesteads”: “they just kept coming in, coming in….”; so, when the boundaries of what had not been taken of the reservation agreed to in the “Treaty”, the area was only half the size of the area agreed to, with many of the best lands within being “owned” by “settlers”.

Origins of the West Bank and Gaza

The West Bank and Gaza Strip were part of the British Mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948. It was during this time that T.E.  Lawrence of Arabia commented that the plan to create a European colony in Arabia would never stand. After the UN partition of 1948 and the failure of the creation of an Arab state envisioned by the partition, the West Bank was annexed by Jordan on April 24, 1950. That land became part of the Palestinian Territories; the rest being in Gaza; the crumbs from the Israeli table, thrown to the Palestinians for the time being.

Here is a Zionist text documenting this history from the war against the Ottoman Empire to the founding of the State of Israel:

THE DEFEAT of the Turkish forces in Pales­tine in the autumn of 1918 was a key event in the opening of the Holy Land to the Jews in the fulfilment of Bible Prophecy [*See Endnote #2]. Thirty years later, because of the insoluble conflict caused by the Balfour Declaration to make Palestine a homeland for the Jews and a conflicting promise made to the Arabs via T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) after World War I, Britain was forced to withdraw from Palestine despite their 1922 “Mandate for Palestine”. This gave a go-ahead to Israel’s Europe- and US-armed and -funded “War of Independence”, which led to the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948.

Yes, that is a bit simplistic and one-sided, about Israel’s War of Independence. Indedendence from whom? Who had made the “Israelis” dependent? And dependent upon whom?

In 1948, during the First Arab-Israeli War, Egypt occupied the Gaza Strip. It formally came under the control of Egypt by the terms of the Arab-Israeli armistice agreement signed in 1949.

In October 1967, Israeli forces, in a “pre-emptive strike” against Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, occupied both the Gaza Strip and the “West Bank” of the PalestinianTerritories during the Six Day War.

In April 1993, after two decades of uprisings, negotiations, and armed conflicts, Israel and the PLO agreed during secret negotiations to gradually extend self-government of both regions to the Palestinians.

1967 again in 2012?

Now, we are forewarned about the trajectory toward another 1967 War for Land by Israel:

Israel Kills At Least 13 in Gaza Strikes, Noam Chomsky Visits.

Ariel Sharon’s son, Gilad Sharon, is calling for the Israelis to “flatten Gaza!

Meanwhile, in Gaza: The same day as the Hamas leader – who was most able to negotiate between Palestinian groups and internationally – received the proposed peace settlement document, he was assassinated in his home by an Israeli Airstrike:

Israel is threatening to launch a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip after breaking an informal ceasefire with a series of ongoing deadly attacks. On Wednesday, an Israeli air strike assassinated Ahmed Jabari, the head of Hamas’ military wing. The bombing continued throughout the day and night, killing at least 13 civilians, including a baby and a mother pregnant with twins. More than 100 Palestinians were also wounded, and the toll is expected to rise. At least three Israelis were killed today when Palestinian rockets hit a residential building in the town of Kiryat Malachi, the first Israeli fatalities since the latest fighting began. Israel says it has launched the strikes to prevent Palestinian rocket fire, but the latest round of violence began last week when Israeli troops killed a young boy in Gaza. The situation has escalated since Saturday, when Palestinian militants fired at an Israeli military vehicle near the Israel-Gaza border. After Palestinian militant groups agreed to an informal truce on Monday, Israel broke two days of quiet on Wednesday. At the United Nations, Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour condemned the Israeli government.

And now, Syria and Jordan are in the Israeli drone’s cross hairs.

The Zionist Creation Myth: Development and Promotion of a Story of Diaspora and Return to the Jewish Homeland

The Ashkenazim, whom Chaim Potok says are of mixed Semitic, Germanic, Slavic and Turkish descent, are Jewish communities that had long been attached as a specialized skilled sub-class of the Indo-Semitic empire expansions, settling on conquered lands along with the tribes of Germanic and Slavic branches of the Indo-Semitic root-society.

These ethnically complex “tribes”, wired with a patriarchal primogeniture system that fueled expansion and conquest of new lands, had spread out in all directions from the area around the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, the area northeast into the north of Turkey and Iran, including the area identified as Anatolia. . [See Endnote #1, The Indo-Semitic Homeland of the Jews.]

In this same tradtion, the Ashkenazi Jewish Boy Scouts in Germany, Poland and England were encouraged to go to Palestine and take it over as their own.

Case Study: Steeped in Zionist ideology, Meir Holtzman wrote in 1997,

“In Israel (“Palestine” at the times) a deserted land awaited us, undeveloped, and we chose to complete the Jewish revolution in the Kibbutz way, equality among the people, mutual aid – we became Kibbutzniks for life.”

Of course, by “equality among the people”, he does not include the Palestinians, unless they are Jewish Palestinians who had been living in Palestine for thousands of years. About 13% of the population of Palestine has been Jewish communities since time immemorial. These Palestinian Jews never were in any “Diaspora” because they liked their life there and were not attracted to be camp followers of Empire as were some of the other Twelve Tribes, especially the Ashkenazim.

Aliya Socialist Organization and the Israeli Military

I consider global socialism the only sensible “Way Forward”, to use MilTalk. However, the socialism I advocate is for the entire society and government; not just for the military; and not through militarization of the society as we find in the “State of Israel”.

The backbone of Israeli society from Government to family home has been Zionist Social Organization, especially the Kibbutzim, Moshavim and the ideology of the Aliya Movement. This is another version of that which we find wherever one people is being exploited by another people through the agreements of a Dominant or “Ruling Class”, the military in ascendancy.

We have a version in the USA, the US Military and related agencies and contractors. This is the US’s one major socialized and segregated sub-society, with paid education, medical care, reduced prices on everything from food, clothes and shotguns to whisky and gasoline at the Post Exchange, tax-free; exemption from prosecution for crimes committed; linked across all national boundaries to their global Brothers in Arms (and Sisters in arms too, General Petreus has shown); in all the NATO-approved nations, but they are not accountable to civil laws unless some squealer “outs” them; like when I tried to get them to obey the National Environmental Policy Act at Fort Irwin; I was wrong! “Going outside the Sacred Chain; the Chain of Command”.

Very centralized and top-down. All the things we criticize socialist nations for, like Cuba, Venezuela, Gadaffi’s Libya; but, here is the same kind of society, managing our “democratic” government from the top down.

The “kibbutzim” are fortified and armed communistic settlements, as are the less socialized “moshavim” – basically cooperative farms with some degree of private ownership. These were gradually built and expanded beginning substantially in the 1920s with the British Mandate for Palestine, and greatly expanded during the 1930s and during World War II with the British military support, including a special Jewish Brigade.

The Funding, Planning and Training for Invading Palestine

Let us look at the image presented by Meir Holzman in his 1997 oral history. I am touched by the emotions he still feels when he talks of the communal cell, the ken, the “nest”; like a sense of family and community sovereignty he had never known before:

There were beautiful youth in Gombin. The Polish Secondary School had been closed due lack of resources, and so did the “Tarbut” school, in which Hebrew was taught and the values of Zion were imbibed into children since kindergarten.

As a matter of fact, the first group of the masters in Hashomer Hatza’yir was formed by the pupils of the “Tarbut” school. The Ken of Hashomer Hatzair in Gombin was founded in 1925 and existed until the break of the 2nd World War in 1939.

We started as a Youth Movement, its main activity being scouting. Taking out the youth to the woods and into nature, and free them from the heavy burden of Jewish seclusion in the Diaspora.

We were also joined by youngsters from the “Kheder” who memorized and repeated the Torah from dawn to dusk, purposeless, without being trained to the modern life, which was bursting out in the whole of Europe, its echoes reaching also the Jews, who were exposed to Emancipation and Education.

We were influenced by the English Boy Scouts Movement of Pawel Baden, which was aimed to qualify strong English youth, for the British Imperial purposes.

Another main influence was of the German Youth Movement “Wonder Vogel”, which despised the boring life of the German Family and searched for emotional agitation in the communal life of the youth in the bosom of Mother Nature.

I came to the “Ken” (clubhouse) of Hashomer Hatza’yir” which looked for a way and educational methods to educate the adolescent youth, who were being denied and blocked out of promotion and education. Very few had the chance to go to the big cities and acquire education, at the end of the elementary school. For many of us, the “Ken” (“nest” in Hebrew) became a second home.

In addition to the scouting activities and the “soul to soul” conversations, we were busy in the evenings, learning, and acquiring self-education. It was a common scene to see at dawn, in the public park, the members of the Shomer Hatza’yir, still absorbed in a book, involved in discussions and acquirement of knowledge.

We studied general Sciences, as: Anthropology, Biology, Zoology, the Human Body, and in later stage: Political Economy, History and Historical Materialism. All was learnt by self-studies and educational group summaries.

Most of us were subscribers of the public library, which was founded by the Bund. Over there we got access to classic literature and the abundant treasures of the Jewish classicists. We read in Yiddish (a German Pidgin) and Polish (Note: not in Hebrew, which was only a religious liturgical language like Latin, until after 1948; when “modern Hebrew” was constructed out of modern Arabic and scriptural Hebrew) and our lives were enriched by intellectual experience, remembered all through the years.

The activities in the “Ken” took place a few times a week, and on Lag Ba’Omer holiday, the entire “Ken” went out to the country and built a big camp in one of the villages.

I remember one demonstration of Lag Ba’Omer. We came back, “Shomrim” and “Shomrot “ (the Hebrew name of the boy scouts and girl scouts of the Shomer Hatza’yir), singing loudly between flapping flags. In the streets of Gombin doors were opened and bright strong light came out of the houses, expressing joy, pride and also identification by the parents and fans.

We acted a lot in the public domain. We collected money for the “Blue Box” of Jewish National Fund (“Keren Kayemet”). The elders worked at making people contribute to the Keren Hayesod. (United Jewish Appeal – UJA). We were active in the “Poalei Eretz Israel” (“Workers for the Land of Israel”) to acquire land for the working settlements of Eretz Israel.

We organized “Questions Events” (in Yiddish: “Kestel Evand”) for the public, in which we stood ground in the hot discussions with the Communists from the left side and with “Beitar” from the political right wing, on the other side.

 We founded the branch of “Ha’Khaluts” (The Pioneer movement) in Gombin, in which elder Jews participated, who had not been in the Youth Movements, and “Ha’Oved” (The Worker) – for elders who worked for their living, most of them artisans, who were interested in Aliya – emigration to Palestine.

We were also active in the surrounding small towns and villages. In Saniki, Ilowo, and we searched for candidates for the “Khaluts” and for Aliya to Erets Israel.

In the winter (it is extremely cold in Poland) we were forced to rent a club near the woods to run the groups activities. We gathered small coins from our families to make the “Ken” running.

I remember a big ball we organized in the Cinema Hall of the Grynboim family. Eliahu Goldenberg (father of Dudu Topaz, famous Israeli entertainer nowadays) who made a very successful artistic show in Yiddish and Polish. From the income we got from this show, we purchased our club in that same year.

To conclude the affair of the “Ken” I wish to remind the “Patronat” – Patronage, which supported us and gave us the legitimacy in front of the Polish Authorities, who suspected us of Communist aberration, but comforted themselves that it would be “communism to export to Palestine”…

In the Patronage were active:

The dentist Samulewicz, Dr. Dzewospolski, Abraham Zamosc (the manager of the Bank and one of the heads of the Zionists of Izhak Grynboim, one of the Polish Jewry leaders), and Marek Wolfowicz, an enlightened man with vast European culture, lover of people, who contributed to us a lot, from his radiant personality, culture and humanity.

We could not have stayed forever active in scouting and education. “Mered Haben”, the revolt of the young generation, burst out forcefully. Stormy discussions roused in the Jewish street on the way to redeem the human being and the Jewish People.

The cry “LEAN” – “WHERE TO” was sent out into the space…

We had determined the way to Zionism, Aliya, the Zionist solution to the Jewish question.

The Final Solution

I find our informant saying that the Aliya – the “return” to Palestine, a homeland where they’d never been, among real Semites, whom they did not understand, did not like nor respect – was in fact a solution to the “Jewish Problem” in Poland, just as in Germany, where a segregated Nazi Jewish Boy Scouts was established and funded by the Bund to contribute to Europe’s double agenda:

1. Get a foothold, a European Colony, in Arabia – which TE Lawrence said could never stand;

2. Remove the Jewish people, exempting their upper class, from their – sometimes very influential and powerful – place in European Society in the occupations of arts, crafts, financial, legal and literary-scientific specialists among the Indo-European communities in Europe. When the expansion and occupation of Europe had made further expansion against non-Indo-Europeans no longer an available option – all except the Basques having been displaced or assimilated – the Indo-Europeans’ of “middle class” struggled for land for themselves, and denied it to those of non-Indo-European origins, like the Jewish Indo-Semites among them; and to migratory or landless transhumant peoples like the Romanis (“Gypsies”), most of which subordinate or dependent societies, had been with them for thousands of years. Now they were the Chosen Ones; chosen to establish a new European “nation” for themselves, in Arabia.

Israel as Real Estate to be Developed

This falls right in line with what the Rabbi and I were discussing in the Ulpan class. His Herzlian teaching was that the Jews had both the historic entitlement and the moral and ethical responsibility to take over this “deserted” land – non-Jews don’t count, to put the land to “higher and better use”; that was the Rabbi’s words. This phrase calls to mind the land development speculators in California.

This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land, If You’re Jewish, Ashkenazi and Rich

The situation was, as the Ulpan Rabbi – and my WAC listserve Zionist correspondents – said, similar to what the “Americans” had done to the indigenous peoples there.

So, Woody Guthrie could as well have written: “This land is my land, this land is your land, from the Fertile Crescent to the Nile River Delta; this land was made for you and me, Xavarim (Hebrew for “Comrades”)!”

They felt entitled; and that was not accidental. The Zionist ideology and agenda was cultivated over a century by the European governments of Germany, Poland, France, England. It was what we now call a “win-win” situation for Europeans.

This is a perfect image of Zionism as a Cult of European Colonialism – spreading their “superior culture”  – as Mitt Romney called it – by mechanism of the socialist militarized society, to replace the Palestinians from their lands and replace their ancient, indigenous social order with the Zionist Regime.

Racism and Fascism in Israel

Not all Israelis are equal; even if you’re Jewish.

Not only are Palestinians and other Arabs denigrated by the Ashkenazi Israelis, but, among the Israelis there is a caste/class system in which the Ashkenazim are at the top, with some internal sub-dominance among USans, Germans, Russians, Poles, French and English; then the Sephardim of Spain, North Africa and the US; and beyond that there are Indian Jews, Iranian Jews, Chinese Jews, and many Latin American Sephardim and Ashkenazim that have to find a place in this pecking order.

The Kurdish Jews and the Yemeni Jews were viewed by not only the top-drawer Ashkenazim, but also by the Sephardim as much like African- and Mexican-descended populations are by Anglo-USans; “only good to carry wood and fetch water”, the Jewish “niggers” of Israel.

And it was among the Kurdish Jews that I lived when I moved from Dafna to the small, formerly Palestinian settlement of Leefta while I was employed by the Israeli Center for Anthropological Research and assigned to produce a demographic and ethnographic study of the Kurds of Leefta..

‘Israeli Civilians’ is an Oxymoron

There are no Jewish civilians over the age of 18 years in Israel. Military service is universally mandatory.  In spite of the claims that Gaza’s home-made rockets are targeting “civilians”; the fact is that the entire Jewish population is trained and available to be mobilized as part of the Israeli Defense Forces. Many of these outlying communities are militarized communistic “settlements”, such as was Dafna before the 1967 aggression by Israel, which took the Golan Heights, giving Dafna a bit more insulation. The boundaries of Israel are creeping towards Eritz Yisrael again.

Nazism and Zionism, Brothers in Arms

The notion of racial purity was made popular both by Nazism and by Zionism among many that came into vogue between 1850 and 1950 as opportunities for more quick expansions and “settlement” ended globally, and with it arose the notion of ethnic purification that Nazism subscribed to and that we see being carried out by the Zionist Regime in Palestine/Israel today.

 Some of the ramifying and territorially expanding branches of the Indo-Semitic phylum of peoples did not adapt as a dependent, skilled artisan class attached to the Indo-Europeans’ expansions and did not adopt the social values and the emphasis upon specialized technology that was to become the center focus expediting the Indo-European and the Semitic Empires.

These who had initially settled the Levant, one might say, were happy tending herds of fat sheep and harvesting olives and figs from their gardens. They chose a different path, developing their own locally-rooted “high civilization”.

The Palestinians had chosen that sovereign path in their homeland.

Then, 3,000 years later, along came The Zionist Aliya with plans for land development requiring that the old adaptation of the settled peoples of Palestine be cleared away for development, for higher and better use of the resources by the global capitalist market place with full support of the Empire’s military might. As Holzman (emphases mine) wrote:

In Israel (“Palestine” at the time) a deserted land awaited us, undeveloped, and we chose to complete the Jewish revolution in the Kibbutz way, equality among the people, mutual aid – we became Kibbutzniks for life.

Tens of years we live in the Kibbutzim. We raised families and our children and grandchildren live with us too…

We, the young group of “Ken” Gombin, immigrated in Aliya Bet, as “Maapilim” – illegal immigrants to Palestine, and more should be written about this chapter.

What a great strategy for Human Resources Management! I’m sure Henry Kissinger was pleased. With all the lonely and frightened Jewish people of Poland, Germany, and England, not having any real sense of home anymore, but just as human capital that needed to earn money to pay the Empire for shelter and food. Then, all of a sudden; you have a Homeland.

It was very much in Vogue at the time; like das Vaterland für die Deutschen. What a great way to mobilize a colonizing force to occupy a part of Arabia, where the importance of petroleum was already well known; a place where TE Lawrence said no such European colony could long stand.

The Mormons used the same “holy book” fiction for their appropriation of Utah from the Utes.  Their “bible”, The Book of Mormon, tells us that one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel actually sailed a reed raft across the Pacific … or was it the Atlantic Ocean, and were the “settlers” in the Americas. Thus, the use of the label “Zion” for their state, now called Utah, after the Ute Peoples from whom they took it by force.

About “Jewish”, “Semite”, and “Anti-Semitism”

Why is it that Israel is said to be a “Jewish” state, but when the Israelis speak of anyone who does or says anything negative toward them, it is “anti-Semitism”.

Why are anti-Jewish acts not called “anti-Jewish”?… unless they are anti-Arab acts that pick arbitrary Semites to target.

What do you call anti-Semitic acts when they are committed by Jewish Israelis who hate the true Semites, the Arabs,?

Why is the Jewish state not “the Semitic State”?????

If Jews are Semites, then, Welcome to the neighborhood! We are all Semites here in Arabia. But, if those people who founded the “State of Israel” – mostly from northern and western European heritage – do not identify with the true Semites around them, but only use “Semitic” to describe “anti-Semitic” behavior adopting Adolph Hitler’s rhetoric, then they are clearly identifying themselves as non-Semites.

Rather they identify themselves as Europeans of Jewish religion with a 3000 year-old link to a Mythical Empire of King David, which conscious identification has, only in the past century, been cultivated among the Ashkenazim by such as T. Herzl, in consultation with the equivalent of the Bilderberg Group.

These European roots of Israel and of the founding and ruling class of Israelis is what allows Mute Romney to proclaim that the “culture” of Israel is superior to the culture of their Semitic neighbors, Palestinians – the fact that European Jews are not Semites, they are Europeans, just like Romney.

Anthropologists call this “ethnocentrism”.

Israel has a culture that is superior to its neighbors? Romney told about 40 donors at a fundraising event in Jerusalem why he thought Israel’s economy is much stronger than that in territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Noting that Israel enjoys the same natural resources – or lack of them – as its neighbors [Mitt’s nose grew longer with each word], he said there must be another reason that Israel stood out. Waxing philosophical, if not poetic, Mute emotes:  “As I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things,” Romney added. “One, I recognize the hand of providence in selecting this place.”



Now, there ARE real Semites in Israel who are Jews. Most of them are either the Palestinian Jews who have mostly remained there since whenever, or are from such places as Yemen, and Ethiopia, or Egypt and the Magreb. In general, they make up the lower caste of Jews in Israel, just above the Kurdish Jews; about on par with those from India..

The Israeli Ashkenazim pose politically as though Arabia is their motherland as part of the Theodore Herzl strategy, but, they know their roots are in Germany, Poland, England, Russia, France, Spain, USA, Ecuador, …., just as are Romney’s Roots.

The Zionist Ashkenazim believe that their culture is superior to that of the Semites who taught them mathematics, architecture, medicine, astronomy, etc…. The Ashkenazi Jews in the communal settlements, in the kibbutzim, in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem, in Haifa, they all practice the customs of one or other European region where they ancestors had lived for hundreds of generations or longer – speaking only a local version of German, Polish, French. For the Sephardim Jewish communities – who entered Europe with the Tuareg and the Bedouins and other North African Semites – the language was a mix of Arabic and Spanish local dialects. In both cases the language spoken by the Jewish communities was that of the dominant community, with special additions of some Hebrew words pronounced in German or a Polish accent – or in Southern Europe in Spanish and with France, a Catalan, Castillan or an Occitan manner. They would hear the Rabbi read the fossilized Hebrew “scriptures” from some ancient, mysterious origins long ago and far away; similar to the Anglo-Germanic USans in their various holiday celebrations, or the Italian Catholics reading the dead language of Latin in North America.  The flotsam of Empire; its Human Resources/ Human Capital  Pawns in the Game, given myths to hang onto.

A Bit of Social Theory and a Bit of Speculation

In all these cases, the Jewish Quarter functioned as an ecomically specialized class of people; book-keepers, jewelers, teachers of arts and sciences, advisors, intellectuals, publishers. This might be a pattern for the complex society among those large waves of so-called Indo-Europeans who left the Indo-Semitic brewing pot and entered into Europe; a general overclass of Aryan rulers and a coterie of attached Semitic and Turkic communities with special skills.

The Bari of Nuristan, Afghanistan were such a class. They were the specialized metal workers, weavers, leather and wood workers, who moved as one finger from the hand of the expanding patriarchal tribes of ruling/military/herding-farming class Aryan Empire, later to become the Indic Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greeks and the Romans, Germanic Tribes, Spanish Conquistadors, British Empires and the USNATO Empires…

Among the Ashkun Nuristani communities, the Ot’ah were the land-owners and ruling class, and all the attached Bari class were their necessary crafts specialist class, explained to me as a separate, but dependent group speaking a distinct dialect of Ashkunu, wood-workers, bed-makers, blacksmiths, leather-workers, etc, who could own livestock and do gardening, but could not own land, the sole right of Ot’ah families, these Bari were separate from and higher than the Sheal’a, a slave-like class of common servants and laborers who could not own land or animals; maybe the conquered, enslaved local peoples who has lived there before the Kalasha expansion; and these did the “dirty” tasks, such as curing animal skins, or taking waste from the village to the garden compost piles.

I suggest that it might have been in a symbiotic class relationship that the Jewish crafts and skills community co-existed with the Indo-European branch of the Indo-Semitic Family of peoples; which had differentiated out of a regional Black Sea to Caspian Sea and Caucasus regional mix of early urban empire developments, beginning about twelve thousand years ago. Talking about a “homeland for the Jews” is the same as talking about a “homeland for the Aryans”. They are the same. One Empire from the get-go. [See Endnote #1]

Reifying a Myth: The “Creation” of Israel

Following the adoption of a resolution by the United Nations General Assembly on 29 November 1947, recommending the adoption and implementation of the United Nations partition plan of Mandatory Palestine, on 14 May 1948 David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization[8] and president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared “the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel”, a state independent upon the termination of the British Mandate for Palestine, 15 May 1948.[9][10][11] Neighboring Arab states invaded the next day in support of the Palestinian Arabs. Israel has since fought several wars with neighboring Arab states,[12] in the course of which it has occupied the West Bank, Sinai Peninsula (between 1967 and 1982), Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights. Portions of these territories, including East Jerusalem, have been annexed by Israel, but the border with the neighboring West Bank has not yet been permanently defined.[neutrality is disputed][13][14][15][16][17] Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, but efforts to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict have so far not resulted in peace.

Israel without Boundaries

Please note, in this UN Resolution, “Eretz Israel” is not equated with the “State of Israel”, as recognized by the UN. Thusly, the boundaries of “Eretz Israel” is left open-ended; it has a meaning that is assigned by the Zionist-European myth and model for the New Creation.

The only meaning that I was given for the Zionist concept, Eretz Israel, is the entire region from which King David’s Empire was able to control and collect taxes from the people between Alexandria, Egypt and Bagdad, Iraq, for 80 years, 3,000 years ago!

So, Israelis, all of whom have been through Ulpan training or equivalent, ostensibly to learn Hebrew as a second language, have this drummed into their heads every day for six months, and then regularly in various skillful means through the media and “public education” for the rest of their life, just like USans are fed team spirit and “Americanism”, learning to dislike most of the citizens of America, North and South.

Upon independence in 1948, the new Jewish State was formally named Medinat Yisrael, or the State of Israel. Other proposed historical and religious names including Herzl’s Davidian Empire, Eretz Israel  (“the Land of Israel“), Zion, and Judea, were considered and rejected, strategically leaving the ambiguous disjunct between the ‘State of Israel’ and; The Land of Israel’.

Israeli militarized archaeology is mobilized to provide “scientific proof” that they are entitled to what they take from the Arabs. This is similar to what “Mormons” (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) have tried to do in the Americas to prove their Kon Tiki theory of the Lost Tribes of Israel were the first “settlers” here, too. That is why Mitt Romney praised the “superior culture” of Israel.

Hamas has a different perspective, and different plans for the State of Palestine.


Endnote #1

The Indo-Semitic Homeland of the Jews

Among these expanding societies between the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea and the Caspian shores, including the area called “Anatolia”, there developed the efficiencies of specialization of labor. Skilled specialized labor occupied niches within these Indo-Semitic peoples as they differentiated and followed the patrilineal, patriarchal, primogeniture pattern that had evolved as such a successful expansive social organization. The division of a society into specialists gave this nascent empire its advantage over indigenous peoples who lived as more generalized, egalitarian communities. The European tribes had highly skilled blacksmiths, sword makers, bow-makers, jewelry makers, goldsmiths, scribes, accountants and Empire Law specialists; not to mention soldiers of different ranks or stratified social classes, different societal management specialties.

What later came to be known as the Jewish peoples were always among this social group and social class, sometimes speaking a special pidgin version of the local language, for example the various versions of Yiddish “Jewish”-speaking  Germans –or Sephardic Moorish people of the book, with some words and phrases from the religious Hebrew language chanted by the priest but not understood by the congregation that gave them an identity and kept them separate from the expanding and conquering European society among which they were a class, a sub-society.

Jews historically have specialized in performing these technical and legal functions for the leaders of Empire and for the communities the Indo-Europeans as they expanded out of the area of the Hittite Empire. The Europeans took over and conquered and occupied, from Kiev to Cadiz., between Turkey and Iran.

From the banks of Aegean and the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea they expanded; setting up Forum and Basilica at their chosen administrative centers, this winning combination of horsemanship, advanced metallurgy and weaponry, specialized economic and social partnership expanded to replace almost all the previous occupants of Europe with Indo-European speaking peoples, among them Jewish communities  among others who might be called “camp followers”, Jewish communities attached themselves as a specialized sector of each colonial settlement. I would suggest that these combinations of Indo-Semitic peoples moving both east and west from their origins, began over 7000 years ago.

Eventually some of the “Twelve Tribes” accompanied primarily Semitic societies expanding south into the Nilo-Hamitic area of Egypt and west displacing the diverse tribes of North Africa, Berbers and Tuaregs with mostly Semites, including the same class of specialized communities of Jewish Semites who had moved within the Indo-Europeans. These Jewish Semites among Arabic Semites became the Sephardim as another dominant Empire, the Semitic Empire. expanded into Spain with Islam, in the 8th Century AD, where they might have eventually encountered the Ashkenazim in France, coming the other way around over those thousands of years.

The story of Moses is a story of one of these Twelve Tribes of Israel who had come out of the homeland Black Sea-Caspian Sea area of the expanding Indo-Semitic peoples, goat and sheep herders with specialized skills from the core group, but speaking an emerging Semitic language; passing though the Levant, remaining some time in Egypt. Then, parting ways with those Semitic communities who moved on across North Africa, Moses’s band turned back to the area that was known as Palestine for thousands of years.

Jews who did settle in Palestine somehow made themselves a place among the other mix of Semitic and non-Semitic peoples living there. They carved themselves out a place. They even created a mighty military empire under a King David.

That was three thousand years ago. That Jewish empire lasted 80 years or so. Then, the diversity of local cultures that has always coexisted in that rich region returned to their traditional intercourse.  Empires have come and Empires have gone across the region; but, there has survived a base population, always culturally diverse. … until the United Nations agreed that the newly taken Palestinian land of the State of Israel, would be an ethnically PURE state, The First Jewish State.

I like my own story better than the official “biblical” story. This is a different Diaspora than Zionists proclaim. The homeland of the Jews would then be up there in the Garden of Eden, between the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea. From this perspective upon the folklore, the Great Flood easily becomes the inundation of the Black Sea several thousand years ago. The original homelands of the Indo-Semitic Peoples.

In the Indo-European Ashkunu community that I worked with in Afghanistan, there were three socio-economic statuses. The land owners and ruling class called themselves “Ot’ah”. They called the skilled trades class, “Bar’ih”, and the class of people with lowest status, perhaps a remains of a local indigenous people that were conquered by the Ot’ah, were the Shea’lah; and they performed all the “dirty” functions for the rest; could own no land or animals and were basically slaves.  In such a community, the European Jewish communities would have fit as the Bar’ih.

Ashkun society provides a model of what I think was the relationship between some Semitic groups and the European society that expanded. They each played a role in the Indo-Semitic expansion based on the combination of social organization and specialized technological skills, became an empire with no single focus; expanding in all directions, the paths of least resistance and most rewards.

End Note #2: Biblical Proofs of the Boundaries of Eretz Yisrael and Israel’s Entitlement

Map of Eretz Israel in 1695 Amsterdam Haggada by Abraham Bar-Jacob

The term “Land of Israel” is a direct translation of the Hebrew phrase ארץ ישראל (Eretz Yisrael). According to Anita Shapira, the term “Eretz Yisrael” was a holy term, vague as far as the exact boundaries of the territories are concerned but clearly defining ownership.[2]

The name “Israel” first appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name given by God to the patriarch Jacob (Genesis 32:28). From the name “Israel” other designations that came to be associated with the Jewish people have included the “Children of Israel” or “Israelite”.

The first definition of the promised land calls it “this land”. (Genesis 15:13–21) In Genesis 15, this land is promised to Abraham’s descendants, while in Deuteronomy 1:8, it is promised explicitly to the Israelites.

A more detailed definition is given in Numbers 34:1–15 for the land explicitly allocated to nine and half of the Israelite tribes after the Exodus. In this passage, the land is called “Land of Canaan“. The expression “Land of Israel” is first used in a later book, 1 Samuel 13:19. It is used often in the Book of Ezekiel and also by the Gospel of Matthew.

[edit] Biblical interpretations of the borders

Main article: Promised Land

The Hebrew Bible provides three somewhat more specific sets of borders, each with a different purpose. The passages where these are defined are Genesis 15:18–21, Numbers 34:1–15 and Ezekiel 47:13–20.

Genesis 15

Map showing an interpretation of the borders of the Promised Land, based on the scriptural verses in Genesis 15

Genesis 15:18–21 describes what are known as “Borders of the Land” (Gevulot Ha-aretz),[3] which in Jewish tradition defines the extent of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham, through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob.[4] The passage describes the land in terms of the extent of territories of various ancient peoples.

More precise geographical borders are given Exodus 23:31 which describes borders as marked by the Red Sea (see debate below), the “Sea of the Philistines” i.e., the Mediterranean, and the “River”, the Euphrates), the traditional furthest extent of the Kingdom of David.[5][6]

[edit] Exodus 23

A slightly more detailed definition is given in Exodus 23:31, which describes the borders as “from the sea of reeds (Red Sea) to the Sea of the Philistines (Mediterranean sea) and from the desert to the Euphrates River”, though the Hebrew text of the Bible uses the name, “the River”, to refer to the Euphrates.

[edit] Numbers 34

Main article: Tribal allotments of Israel

Numbers 34:1–15 describes the land allocated to the Israelite tribes after the Exodus. The tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh received land east of the Jordan as explained in Numbers 34:14–15. Numbers 34:1–13 provides a detailed description of the borders of the land to be conquered west of the Jordan for the remaining tribes. The region is called “the Land of Canaan” (Eretz Kna’an) in Numbers 34:2 and the borders are known in Jewish tradition as the “borders for those coming out of Egypt”. These borders are again mentioned in Deuteronomy 1:6–8, 11:24 and Joshua 1:4.

According to the Hebrew Bible, Canaan was the son of Ham who with his descendents had seized the land from the descendents of Shem according to the Book of Jubilees. Jewish tradition thus refers to the region as Canaan during the period between the Flood and the Israelite settlement. Schweid sees Canaan as a geographical name, and Israel the spiritual name of the land: The uniqueness of the Land of Israel is thus “geo-theological” and not merely climatic. This is the land which faces the entrance of the spiritual world, that sphere of existence that lies beyond the physical world known to us through our senses. This is the key to the land’s unique status with regard to prophecy and prayer, and also with regard to the commandments.[7] Thus, the renaming of this landmarks a change in religious status, the origin of the Holy Land concept. Numbers 34:1–13 uses the term Canaan strictly for the land west of the Jordan, but Land of Israel is used in Jewish tradition to denote the entire land of the Israelites. The English expression “Promised Land” can denote either the land promised to Abraham in Genesis or the land of Canaan, although the latter meaning is more common.

[edit] Ezekiel 47

Ezekiel 47:13–20 provides a definition of borders of land in which the twelve tribes of Israel will live during the final redemption, at the end of days. The borders of the land described by the text in Ezekiel include the northern border of modern Lebanon, eastwards (the way of Hethlon) to Zedad and Hazar-enan in modern Syria; south by southwest to the area of Busra on the Syrian border (area of Hauran in Ezekiel); follows the Jordan River between the West Bank and the land of Gilead to Tamar (Ein Gedi) on the western shore of the Dead Sea; From Tamar to Meribah Kadesh (Kadesh Barnea), then along the Brook of Egypt (see debate below) to the Mediterranean Sea. The territory defined by these borders is divided into twelve strips, one for each of the twelve tribes.

Hence, Numbers 34 and Ezekiel 47 define different but similar borders which include the whole of contemporary Lebanon, both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and Israel, except for the South Negev and Eilat. Small parts of Syria are also included.

[edit] From Dan to Beersheba

Further information: From Dan to Beersheba

The common biblical phrase used to refer to the territories actually settled by the Israelites (as opposed to military conquests) is “from Dan to Beersheba” (or its variant “from Beersheba to Dan”), which occurs many times in the Bible. It is found in the biblical verses Judges 20:1, 1 Samuel 3:20, 2 Samuel 3:10, 2 Samuel 17:11, 2 Samuel 24:2, 2 Samuel 24:15, 1 Kings 4:25, 1 Chronicles 21:2, and 2 Chronicles 30:5.

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This site gives the full story of how today’s Israel is only 20% of the Promised Land – the land promised to be conquered by the British, under that Bridtish Mandate for Palestine, with cooperation from other European powers, and given to stimulate and inspire European-Jewish immigration according to the English Crown’s “Balfour Declaration”, basically the Theodore Herzl ruling on what would be an adequate “Jewish State” in Arabia; which TE Lawrence termed a “European Colony in Arabia”.

And, now, the same Amir/King Abdullah family who were part of the Briish Mandate for Palestine are also in the possible path of expansion towards Eretz Yisrael.

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  1. Gil Hizi

    Why are you convinced that ‘Jewish friends’ would be insulted by this analysis? This means that you either think you are biased or you believe that all Jews are incapable of self-criticism or of not being collectively oriented towards a Jewish identity. As an Israeli Jew I find much sense in most of your arguments, though I feel bitter that you exclude me from this discussion. I believe that the fact that Israel is the ‘political branch’ of US interests means that Israel serves the interests of Western powers more than it caters its own civilians, Jews and Palestinians. Jews need not be offended by this argument, or at least not Israeli Jews (who have only one national identity), as we want our nation to prosper and maintain good relations with our neighbors, rather than to be led to self-destruction by post-colonialist interests. The problem is that most Israelis aren’t aware of this flow of power…

  2. John Allison

    Gil, It is neither that I am baised against “all Jews” nor think them incapable of self-criticiam if fully informed and unbiased, etc. It is that I find the colonizing of another people’s nation to be unacceptable, no matter who or where. My Jewish family members and many other Jews in the USA feel as I do about this; yet, because they are Jews, the feel very sensitive about what their own ethnic group is doing there – they feel the shame. Shame!

    The continuing atrocities committed by Israeli’s against this captive indigenous people of that land are crimes that deserve punishment. The policy of your state is clearly to expand by “settlement”, clear and occupy and then to commit ethnic cleansing of the non-Jews. .

    As you say, Israel caters to its own “civilians”, which, as I describe is an Oxymoron in an entirely militarized Jewish population. However, since Palestinians are not full civilian citizens – no voting rights to determine the leadership and excluded from participating in making policies and vulnerable to the violent whims of their occupiers – in your state, they are merely useful pawns. I have seen no example of Israel catering to the Palestinians inside their borders or outside.

    Israeli Jews have a number of national origin identities that occupy different Israeli social statuses, depending upon their culture of origin – as you surely know. If you want to insult someone, even an Ashkenazi, you call them a “Kurdeet”, a Kurd… In the social reality of Israel, they are hardly of the same class as the western europeans who dominate that colonizing society.

    I can’t say that I regret it that you feel bitter. If you had the right human perspective, you might not feel bitter. Your bitterness is the result of your own point of view. Yet, I don’t and can’t justly blame you for your perspective since I am aware of the inductrination you have been subject to since birth..

    I am impressed by how the Palestinians remain free of bitterness. I feel quite bitter about the insustices that have been done since 1920 and continue to worsen..

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